Sunday, December 7, 2008

The S-Word...... :O

Snow, that is...... we had it last night. UGH!!! We were going to go see a show last night (our last weekend off before Christmas), but the weather was so bad and the ice was so bad that we decided not to go, since it was over an hour away. And I was upset. But, boy, was it nice to have a night to just sit with a fire and relax. :)

Today, it's FREEZING!!! SO, cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am STILL so not ready for winter! Didn't want to go out, but had to go out for rehearsal tonight.... UGH. Rehearsal wasn't bad, though..... and not too late.

The weekend

Have you ever had a friend who keeps you on the phone... for HOURS? And not that you mind, but you'd like to get some sleep sometime? I have a friend who is like that... and we've been talking on the phone a lot lately, because she's been going through some real crap. Not ordinary crap, but 'Can we just go back and start the whole month over?" kinda stuff... but we were on the phone until THREE O'CLOCK in the morning... and this is not the only night-- twice this last week, we were on the phone until at least midnight..... and I have to get up at 5:30.... ::SIGH::

This last week was ROUGH. We are having a Faculty Choir for our Christmas show at school, and we had a rehearsal.. that I don't mind. And we had our faculty Christmas lunch on Friday-- and I was actually near home, so that was cool, too. We went to Olive Garden, and it really wasn't all that good. :( But, anyway....

THIS week, however, is going to be even worse, because it's tech week. Starting tonight, every single night until next weekend, when we have Opening Night, 2 shows on Saturday and one on Sunday. It was the birthday of one of the kids in the show, so we had cupcakes.. really cool.

Got the Christmas tree up, and some of the other decorations up, so it's starting to look at least a LITTLE like Christmas...... :)

Mobilization Friday

As I'm sure most of you know, Prop 8 which denied gay couples the right to get married, passed. The status of those who've already gotten married is in limbo, but the state Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal. On Friday, there were rallies protesting the passage of Prop 8. Please, EVERYONE, even if you weren't able to go, at least let your voice be heard, and express how you feel about it to the California authorities. Everyone
deserves the right to get married..... help keep them from taking that right away.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fun, fun, fun!!!

We went to see Bolt today... just a FABULOUS movie!! Really well-done and a lot of fun.

Tonight, we're going to see The Sisters Rosenzweig-- I can't wait... I LOVE Wendy Wasserstein!!!!! We were going to go to C's house and watch The Secret, but we're going to wait until January when another girl from the cast can join us. :)

Trying also to get the house cleaned up a bit and will need to do some work for work tomorrow-- this weekend has gone by SOOOO fast. After? We went to Golden Corral... and all of a sudden, I hear, "Ms. XXXXX! Ms. XXXXXX!!!" And, there, big as life, was one of my kids. One of my favorite kids, but it's my time OFF!! LOL!! He's such a sweetie, though.. so we talked for a minute. He didn't seem thrilled with his Thanksgiving. :( Oh, well, we all needed a break anyway.

Tomorrow, Sis is coming up and she may take my old car. I took it and got it cleaned yesterday. Still need to get the oil changed and new windshield wipers. If she doesn't want to keep it after she drives it, she'll take it down to Mom... thing is, it's got over 100,000 miles on it....

I STILL have to deal with the insurance on my BRAND NEW car. Parked on the street last week, and someone trying to pull out apparently didn't make it and cracked the bumper and the tail light... ::SIGH:: I'm STILL pissed. AND I'm going to have to pay for it BIG time. :(

Anyway, we'll probably go out to eat.

I need to work on my lines, too.... BIG time-- before Monday. We took pics last Monday, and I need to get my bio to M tonight, too.... so not a whole lot of rest this weekend, but some time to get some stuff done that I might not have gotten done otherwise.

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Well, it's here. I'm doing a little cooking, but not cooking the whole thing this year, and we are going to a friend's house. I said I'd come by early and help her cook! ACK!!

Anyway, I'm having some real difficulty getting that thankful feeling right now-- the last few weeks have been very difficult, and every time I get any news, it seems it's bad news. :(

Anyway, I'm going to get myself in that mood, no matter what. I DO know I have a lot to be thankful for, and my problems are nothing compared to what a lot of people are going through right now.... I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, and for everything to just disappear. I can't help it, I feel like I'm on tenterhooks, and you can cut the tension with a knife just walking down the street or into a store-- EVERYONE seems to be feeling it, even the kids, who have been really off the last few weeks-- I really do think they are feeling it, as well, even if no-one's talking about it to or in front of them.

Anyway, here's my 'Thankful for' list this year.

1) My mom and my family. We may argue and fight, but I love them and don't think I could make it without them.
2) That I have a job.... at least, as Avenue Q puts it, "for now...."
3) That I have health insurance.... even if it is costing more than I can afford.
4) That I have a car to worry about getting crunched while parked on the street... I am PISSED, especially because it's a new car... but it IS only a car.... even though my insurance premiums are now going to skyrocket (::SIGH::).
5) That I have a house-- even if it is having plumbing problems, and needs to be painted, and the roof needs to be inspected, and the foundation needs to be fixed, and the water heater just had to be replaced, and..... it's a house, we can afford it ('for now'), and overall, I am happy in it. It's got good 'vibes.'
6) My friends. I have the BEST friends around.
7) My kitties-- they give so much love, and ask for only a bit of food and loving in return. :)
8) That our health seems to be holding its own, including Mom's.....
9) My kids, who really are great, even when they're driving me crazy!!!!!

And now, I need to go cook, and get over my feeling of wanting to hibernate and not talk to anybody tonight.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Official

I'd been hoping this wouldn't happen, but it has. The National Board has asked for a strike authorization vote, and they will be sending out the ballots soon (the last I heard, they don't have a date for that yet). I am VERY disappointed in Unite for Strength. I mean, I know they formed and ran on the platform of returning to bargaining with AFTRA, but come on, people! You ran and you WON! YOU'RE the governing 'party' now.... to have absolutely NO public statement or comment on the possibility of a strike when the Negotiating Committee gave you back that right and recommended it? I have a REAL problem with that.

Anyway, I have no idea how I would vote if they sent out the ballots..... my guess is they think they can get the 75% vote or they wouldn't have announced it publicly. I guess we'll have to wait and see.... seems like that's all we're doing-- waiting to see what will happen. NOT a good feeling.... not a good feeling at all.


It's been a long, long time since I've actually posted. I have been unbelievably overwhelmed over the last few months. I have filmed two movies in the last six months, and at one point in October, I was doing two shows at the same time. I am now down to one (and will never, EVER do two shows at the same time again!!!!). A Christmas show, and it's going to be a lot of fun.

The guy who plays my husband is really cute. :))))) I saw him in another show at the same theatre a couple of months ago.... I'm glad he's playing this part. He told me last night that his goal is to move to NYC... which is my goal also.... but the timing couldn't be worse, with furloughs and possible layoffs, and the housing market sucking. So, we wait.

I SWORE I wouldn't get involved with any more actors!! But he doesn't seem the typical actor type-- was born in Hawaii and grew up in TN, so we have a connection there.

Also went to see two shows last weekend, AND a movie called 2013-- it was interesting, but I really wish I hadn't seen it-- I don't need to hear anything more that's negative right now.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Has Anybody Seen......

my old friend Bobby?

Can you tell me where he's gone?
I thought I saw him walking over the hill
with Abraham, Martin and John.

You are sorely missed......

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Disgusted, Disheartened and Disillusioned

This is a very sad day. The day when it was proven that votes don't mean anything. When a few people can arbitrarily decide which rules to follow and which ones not to, which votes to count and which ones not to, and who can on a whim tell voters who voted for ONE candidate and give them to another.

I am ashamed to say I WAS a Democrat. A group of people who figure they can ignore more than half of the voters' wishes, who can disregard their votes if they choose. A group of people who crown a candidate and do whatever they need to do to manipulate the process so that he is the nominee.

I can not in good conscience vote for someone who is a liar, who contradicts himself on major positions, who has not a CLUE about foreign policy, who hasn't paid his dues, who has shown no leadership, and who has NOTHING to recommend him to the office of president.

And Obama cannot win in November with half of the party having been dismissed and disrespected.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew!!! I really didn't think I was going to make it through the 8 weeks between Easter and Memorial Day, during which we had NO break whatsoever.

But I DID! And we will finish testing this week. And the kids are doing great. So, this is really good!!!

I have been shooting a film for the last few weeks. Tomorrow is my final scene, so I don't have tomorrow off, but today was nice. We went to see the new Indiana Jones move. Harrison Ford? GORGEOUS! The storyline of the movie? FABULOUS! The chase scenes? Funny-- which is saying something for me, because I DO NOT like the action-type stuff. Shia LaBoef? TERRIFIC. MUCH better than I thought he would be. And the ending? PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you liked the first one, you'll like this one.

Then we went to Chili's, which was not all that great, but.....

As for the movie I'm doing, it's a horror movie, and I got to die... which was a LOT of fun! :) And they managed to NOT get any of the blood on my hair or clothes. Which was a GOOD thing, 'cause I didn't get home until almost midnight, and I was NOT looking forward to having to wash my hair and soak out that dress (because that wasn't the final scene, and it needed NOT to have bloodstains on it!).

The last two weekends, I've also been doing another workshop with T.... REALLY valuable. We did a scene from The Glass Menagerie, which was REALLY intense for both me and my scene partner. And almost all of the other scenes were pretty intense, too. There was one I need to order the script for-- I think I might get a good monologue out of it!! :) So, between work, rehearsing for these scenes, testing and filming the last couple of weeks have been EXHAUSTING. I am BEAT. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow... call time's not 'til 2. We MIGHT have a cookout afterwards, not sure... we'll kinda play it by ear.

We were also celebrating Ps birthday, too. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but she's starting to get on my nerves sometimes, and J's, too. :( I don't know, and both of us are trying to tamp down the impatience we sometimes feel..... and maybe part of it is that we're both really tired right now.

J is trying to prepare for an operation on her foot that she needs, and has been working on getting her kitchen in shape. She DESPERATELY needed a new refrigerator (her old one was OLD, AND it opened in the wrong direction, PLUS there simply wasn't room for the door to open. It also didn't keep food all that cold). Her new one has french doors, so it's PERFECT. Plenty of space, and it looks great, too!! She's also a bit stressed in preparing to retire, so I know she's a bit on edge, and maybe I am, too, because of the stress of the last few weeks.

Here's to a relaxing day tomorrow, and a relatively stress-free week!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, I have a TV in the kitchen that is NOT hooked up to the satellite. Back when we moved in, they only offered 2 rooms-- now, it's FOUR. ARGH. Anyway, so the kitchen TV is just an antenna and a DVD player, so I can watch DVDs while I'm working in the kitchen or in the living/dining room.

And, we KNEW that as of February, that TV is no longer going to work. So, I was researching to find the kind of TV I wanted for the kitchen. Because the converter boxes? Cost money (even if you do get a coupon), and may not work with your current antenna. So, we figured we might as well just go ahead and get a new small TV for the kitchen. We COULD pay to have it hooked up and pay the extra each month, but.... nah. (Although Mom is nagging me-- she'd like to have it when she visits! :) And maybe we will at some point).

But, THEN, all of a sudden, the admittedly small TV in the family room that we were NOT going to replace since it's hooked up to satellite and there was no real REASON to replace it, suddenly stopped working. Worked one night, the next night, no sound. Full stop. No matter WHAT you did. Checked the others-- no problem. Brought down the little TV from the kitchen-- worked PERFECTLY. So, the TV was a bust. It's only about 7 years old! ::SIGH::

So, we spent MUCH more than we should have for a new TV for the family room, and now I really don't know what to do about the kitchen. After Feb., it won't be good for anything but playing DVDs. But I just can't see shelling out several MORE hundreds of dollars for another TV now....... but they've said even with the converter box, the old one may well not work without an outdoor (mounted) antenna. Well, not exactly an earth-shattering issue, especially right now. Just an annoyance. I HATE spending money I don't have to (or for things I didn't plan on!).

Where is spring?????

Why is spring ALWAYS just knock-me-on-my-butt busy? ALWAYS.

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, the first week of April is done. Thank GOODNESS!!! We still have 7 weeks (and an observation, and standardized testing) to go!

The end of the year is already in full swing. We are preparing for end-of-year testing, graduation, etc. The spring program is coming up, so the music teacher was working with them on that.

Next Saturday will be SAT prep again. I honestly don't mind, I just hate getting up at O'dark 30 on a SATURDAY.

Mom got us an umbrella and deck furniture... yes, we've been using plain white plastic chairs (kiddy-chairs, she calls them-- they are NOT!-- and she refuses to sit in them anymore when she visits!!!) and the built-in bench (which, admittedly, goes the entire width of the deck, so not shabby). The deck is BLISTERING, though, because it gets the afternoon sun-- will be nice to have an umbrella to block some of the sun, that's for sure! My sis brought them home in her van (she's been dropping off their puppy for some Grandma time while they've been on the road), so now we have to drive two hours to go get them..... when they're actually HOME.

Meanwhile, where is spring?! We've had one or two really nice days, and the rest have been cold and/or rainy. UGH! More rain tonight-- in fact, we've had some SERIOUS wind and are supposed to have major thunderstorms tonight. UGH! again.....

the bushes outside need to be trimmed, the yard needs to be cleaned up, and it's too bloody cold or wet on the few days we're home to actually DO it. Maybe tomorrow. ::SIGH::

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Holidays!

To all those who celebrate Easter, may it be a joyous one.

To those celebrating Purim, may it be a joyful and funfilled one... eat some hamentaschen for me!!! :)

And I? I have some time off for spring break! I am SO excited and looking forward to it!! (Until April, of course, when we have TWO SOLID MONTHS without a single break. Not one between spring break and Memorial Day-- UGH! I am NOT looking forward to that!).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5th Anniversary

Today is it. Five years since we invaded and occupied Iraq. 5 years since our men and women began dying, to the tune of 4,000. Five years since we began spending TEN BILLION dollars a week. Five years since we were promised, "It'll be quick," and "they'll greet us as liberators," and, "the oil in Iraq means the war will pay for itself." Five years since, "Mission Accomplished."

I watched the demonstrators, sick to my stomach to realize we are STILL there, with no real end in sight. Sick to my stomach at the cost in lives lost, tens of thousands of American lives destroyed, unknown (because Bush refuses to let them be counted) numbers of Iraqi lives lost and destroyed. Sick to my stomach at the effect it has had on our economy... can anyone REALLY believe that the 'downturn' (ie-- recession) that Bush has been ignoring for years and only FINALLY admitted when he was given no choice, is not partially the result of the deficit spending we've taken on, the selling of our country (in the form of debt) to the Chinese and Japanese, the printing of worthless money to stem the tide of that debt which causes the VALUE of that money to freefall, the 'spend, spend, spend or the terrorists will win" attitude???? I don't see how anyone can claim otherwise.

And Bush is STILL telling us this is a noble and justifiable use of 'lives and treasure.' FINALLY, FINALLY, the majority of people beg to differ. I fear it's too late, though. I worry that no matter who is elected, we are so far in that we will not be able to get out. We simply CANNOT go on spending the kind of money we're spending and sacrificing the lives we're sacrificing. Our police officers are now having trouble getting bullets for their guns, and those they CAN get are costing almost half again as much as before the war. The suppliers' stated priority is to provide ammunition for our troops, which IS, of course, absolutely necessary. However, our police at home are now less safe and more of the budget is going to that rather than other things like pay increases, maintenance of cars, purchase of new cars, PAL activities, etc.

We also have absolutely NO IDEA of the cost just in MONEY for the services the returning vets who've been traumatized, emotionally or physically, often permanently. These are costs that we will be paying for DECADES. And, of course, we MUST pay them. We OWE it to them. They pay the cost in the destruction of the lives they've known, we pay the cost in money to attempt to repair or support those lives. This war WILL, however, aside from the emotional cost, continue to cost us BILLIONS for decades, even if we are NOT in Iraq for 100 years, as McCain thinks.

Thanks for the legacy, Mr. Bush. I'm sure our grandchildren will thank you while they attempt to dig themselves out from under it.

Barack and Religion

I was reminded today of Barack Obama's reaction to Don Imus' "nappy headed ho" comment. He rightly condemned it, stating that his daughters were "beautiful, African-American, tall, and I hope someday will be interested enough in sports to earn a scholarship." He was offended for his daughters as African-American he ought to have been. When asked if Imus should be fired, he stated that, "I don't want to enable programming consisting of such offensive comments," and," he wouldn't be working for me."

Okay, fine. I'm with him all the way. I was, as a woman and as an American, EXTREMELY offended by Imus' remarks, and even more, puzzled by them. I also felt he should have been fired.

Contrast this reaction to his reaction towards his 'spiritual mentor' (and, no matter how he denies it, his political adviser), whose comments he initially felt were 'no big deal.' What I don't understand is why he would fire Imus but not fire his spiritual mentor. Why he is offended for his daughters when they are attacked as African American women, but not when they are attacked as white women. I dont understand why he is not offended for his wife, whom he has described as carrying the blood of slaves and slave owners. When Rev. Wright attacked white people, he was attacking Barack Obama's FAMILY. When he attacked this country from the pulpit, he was attacking EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL in that sanctuary. Yet, Barack Obama seems to have no problem at ALL with that. Doesn't think it's any big deal. Doesn't think having his children being TAUGHT this is a problem.

What message is he sending to his children by his silence and refusal to 'abandon' Mr. Wright, by having his children listen to such attacks on them, and hardly daring to even MENTION the family that RAISED him until it was expedient for him to do so? Seems to me that the message he's sending to them is that half of who he is (really more, when you consider they are the ones who RAISED him) and a great portion of who THEY are is something of which to be ashamed, to hide and to pretend is non-existent-- unless it suddenly benefits you to trot it out. Is that the message we should be sending to our children? Isn't that what offended so many blacks about those who 'passed' years ago? Is that REALLY the message he wants to send to the majority of American voters?

That hatred by one individual is more acceptable than hatred by another?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dazed and Confused

One of my students had a fire at his home this week.... the house was a total loss; they have temporary housing but nothing else. We are all just in shock. My poor little baby; he seems to be doing as well as can be expected... everyone's been fussing over him since he came back. The PTA is setting up a fund drive to help them, and we've all decided pretty much that it's better to give them money so they can buy what they want/need rather than try to figure out what they need (and perhaps have several people give them the same thing or something they DON'T want/need).

Also, a friend of mine has said she would make him a special blanket. I know that will make him feel better. Annie, you are a hero and an angel! You truly are!!!! I aspire to be like you!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy, Lazy!!!!

Well, I guess not REALLY, but it sure feels like it!!!! Worked yesterday, so had to get up early. SAT prep, which I actually don't mind doing, but it's a LONG morning. Once I got home, I got so involved in reading blogs (and sort of catching up on mine), I didn't do a whole lot after work!!!

And then we lost an hour of sleep last night..ARGH! Woke up at 8:30, feeling like a slug, and realized it's REALLY 7:30... which, granted is late (especially for me), but not THAT late!! Maybe I'll actually not wake up at 4:00 for a while, hoping to get back to sleep! I'm not sure this Daylight Savings Time is a good thing... especially so EARLY in the year... everything seems to be rushed this year, coming before it's 'supposed to.' Lent, Easter-- rushing Spring!

Now, I should be doing all the things I was SUPPOSED to do yesterday. 4 hours of SAT just really takes it out of me, and I don't have much energy to do a whole lot the rest of the day.

Off to enjoy more of the blog party!! :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shabbat Shalom!

Well, last night was Shabbat Across America. I went with P, and we had a great time!! The dinner was catered, so it was really good-- eggplant pasta of some kind, and lasagna, along with an excellent salad. Then they had the Shabbat service-- we didn't stay for that part, though, because she had to be back early this morning for services, and I had to work early this morning. They had oneg after, which I'm glad we didn't stay for, because I am trying to eliminate sugar as much as possible. It was great-- we sat with some people I didn't know, and some I got to catch up with-- haven't been going on Sundays, so I haven't seen a lot of them for quite a while. The kids got to do their thing with the Israeli flags (although the suggestion was made that they should have had American flags as well, since it is Shabbat Across AMERICA-- I agree with that, and it will be suggested to them for next year). There weren't as many people there this year as last, which was a shame. :( But it was a lot of fun!

Shabbat Shalom to everyone across the nation who celebrated Shabbat as a family and as a country. :)

Ultimate Blog Party 2008


Welcome to my home!!! I SO need a party right now, I am feeling the end-of-winter doldrums, wondering if spring will EVER get here!!!!!

I am an actor, who is also a teacher. It's fun, it's exhausting and I love it! Especially now that the writer's strike is over!!!!!

I love my cats, I love my family, and I love my kids!!!!!

Why do I blog? I have no idea. I didn't even READ any blogs until August or September of last year... and, suddenly, one day, I found myself on the mainpage of, and it offered me a blog, so I accepted!!! :) I have met a whole lot of FABULOUS people, got several blogs I read daily (my blogroll is going to get a lot longer, as soon as I get off my lazy butt and put some new links in!!).

You will soon discover, I am a BIG procrastinator, despite the major stress it causes me-- why? I have NO idea. I DO know that when I was an English major in college and had 10-page papers due (pre-computers, so this involved MANY all nighters retyping entire pages for one minor problem!), I rarely started the papers any more than 2 days before they were due-- I would SWEAR I would, I would get the materials, and they would sit there..... and I told myself I was 'germinating' the ideas in my mind. Which I think I actually do, to a great extent. I CANNOT outline. I have to just sit down and type... which leads to lots of editing, like moving a paragraph, rewriting a sentence-- THANK GOD FOR COMPUTERS!!!! Which made that possible!!! I guess I just work better under deadline pressure.

I am a part of the 365 project-- it's MUCH harder than it seems, and I have been tragically neglectful of my responsibilities in that regard, but I will catch up, I promise!!

I also urge you to read about The Long Walk, and follow along-- donate if you can! I got to know about this through The Great Interview Experiment, which was a lot of fun!!!

Set a spell, take your shoes off, make yourself to home! (And pay no attention to the undone laundry, the floor that needs to be mopped or the unmade beds!). Oh, and leave me a comment, question, or whatever tickles your fancy!!

And, head over to 5MinutesforMom's Ultimate Party Blog for more great blogs to read and comment on, and some great prizes you can win, whether you blog or not!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have realized several things... I am WAY slacking on my 365 entries-- I will do some tonight to ease the guilt.

I have also been asked what "Break a leg" means in the theatre. Basically, we theatre-folk are VERY superstitious. You will find that most of us have certain rituals we MUST do before a show, certain things we WON'T do before a show, and one of the biggest 'no-nos' is to wish someone 'good luck' before a show. You can wish them a 'good show,' but NEVER good luck. If you do, it is widely believed that BAD luck will ensue. Thus, if you tell someone to 'break a leg' (something bad), something good will happen!

Hey, we're the same people who believe, 'bad tech, good open,' and 'NEVER, EVER say the name of 'The Scottish Play' inside a theatre. :)

My friend who lost her kitty recently has 'been adopted,' and we are all so happy!! A friend of hers got a kitten, but their dog didn't take too well to it, so the husband said the kitten had to go. If someone didn't take it, she would have had to take it to a shelter, and you KNOW L. wouldn't let THAT happen!! She sounds SO much cheerier and happier-- and is even talking about going to the shelter and getting A. a playmate! :) A. seems to be a bit of a lap cat, which couldn't be better for her!!!!!!

Okay, off to do some writing for the 365 project (it is MUCH harder than it appears!!!!!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


When is February going to END? It has never been my favorite month (in fact, I'd be more than happy to just skip it!)... the only good thing about it is that it's usually short... but this year, it even has an extra day!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

And, tonight, more February weather-- snow and then a lovely ice coating on top of it. YUCK!

Well, maybe we'll get a day off, and I'll get to sleep in tomorrow (and actually get the house in some sort of shape!).

Meanwhile, I went after work today to the local professional theatre. I'm going to be a volunteer there (you get to see the shows for free, and it sounds like a LOT of fun!)... I'm also hoping that when they have their auditions for the next season, I'll have a bit of an 'in' to get an audition.... I can only hope! At the very least, I'll have some fun! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Anniversary

Ten years. Ten long years since the last time you said, "Be good, girls." Who could have EVER thought that saying good-bye to you that Christmas would be the last time? I have always been grateful that, as always, the last thing I said to you was "I love you."

Burying you on President's Day weekend, on Mother's birthday (and no-one else seemed to even realize, which made me even more sad). Everyone so sick with the same virus. Eleanor refused to even come, she was 'so sick.' To her OWN FATHER'S FUNERAL.

The last time all of us 'girls' were together. Guess you would have liked that.

Spending the night with Grandmother so she wouldn't be alone. She seemed so lost, crying that you weren't there. And I have to agree-- it surely didn't look like you. And while that was actually comforting for me (it brought home the reality that you weren't here anymore-- that was just a shell that you no longer needed), it was heartbreaking for her.

Linda even came. Didn't know it until afterwards when I saw the guest registry, but at least she was there to say good-bye to you. I know neither of you understood their actions, and how much they hurt you. I hope you somehow can understand how hard it was for her....

Amazing Grace, Uncle Arthur's lovely speech. They made a tape of it for Grandmother... I wonder where it is now; I'm sure she never listened to it.

You may have been gone, but your presence and your spirit hung around for a few years. That was nice-- imagining you up there with Fluffy running around (she always loved you, and you loved her, too, although you'd never admit it! Any more than you'd admit to watching 'Days,' although you always made sure to be 'wandering' through the room when Grandmother and I were watching it!).

Even sadder than this weekend was the day Grandmother died.... you came to two of us in a dream, and you said good-bye. You'd been waiting for her; I knew it. You were together again, as you were meant to be.... but it was also a final good-bye, as both of us watched you walk away arm in arm.... and felt your presence disappear as your waiting was rewarded.... now it was time to move on.

We miss you. Your 'girls' think of you often and always try to 'be good.' Hoping you would be proud of us-- the closest thing to a father any of us ever had.

We love you, Grandaddy... miss you more than words can say... and will always have the wonderful memories you left us with.


Your Favorite Granddaughter ;)

Happy Birthday, Muv!!! :)

Another year, still here. Every day is a gift.

Happy, HAPPY Birthday!!!!

Hope you enjoy your present. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The writer's strike is OVER!! They're going back to work and we are likely to get a decent deal when our turn comes up. That makes me VERY happy!!!

And as a viewer, I WANT NEW SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They say TV viewing is at its highest level in quite a while, but I have a hard time believing it.... there's NOTHING ON. They say some of the high-profile shows (the established ones) will be back by March, some others by April. Several of those had scripts and filming in various stages when the strike was called, so they can pick right back up. Some had NOTHING ready, so they are starting from scratch. And some shows won't be coming back, unfortunately, like Journeyman.

And casting will begin again... perhaps. It looks like another casualty of the strike may just be pilot season. The studios are beginning to wonder: 1) why they order 13 episodes at a time; 2) why they need to pay all that money for pilots to decide what they're going to order; and, 3) why they don't just do what they do with reality shows and what they do in the UK, which is to buy on spec, but buy fewer episodes.

A 'series' (season) of a show in the UK is 6 episodes. This allows a lot of actors to do film, stage and television, or several series simultaneously. Thus, they would be bringing on new series all through the year, and not just in the fall and possibly in January. Thus, no need for a 'pilot season' or 'pilots' at all.

Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. It's a great way to get seen, and it provides a lot of jobs.

AND, as a viewer, that was something that REALLY annoyed me when living in England, and even watching BBC America. A show would be on, and then suddenly, *poof* gone.. OR, you hear about a show and by the time you do, it's finished.

But, whatever happens, "who can say if it's been changed for the better, but.... it has been changed for good."

The landscape of television, I think, will never be the same.

The Potomac Primary

Well, the voting is over-- for us, anyway. Despite the very bad weather, a large number of people voted. ESPECIALLY for a primary. I did go vote, though the weather was bad. We DID get to leave school a LITTLE early, and I went to vote immediately.... and was told that I was in the wrong place. What? I've been coming here for five years! Yes, well, apparently they changed some polling places-- I guess there have been a lot of people moving into the area, so they needed a second polling place. So, off I go-- it wasn't all that far away, so that was good. The thing that bothered me when I went in to vote (aside from the fact that there are just these little stands with small sides, no real privacy at all) was that there was a sign as you go in that says, "No children under the age of 12 will be allowed into the voting booths."

WHAT? First, only children 12 and over need to understand about voting? I remember going with my mom from the time I was little; it was an adventure, and she'd let me pull the lever to cast the vote after she'd made her selections. And, second, what about parents who don't have anyone to watch their child while they vote? They don't deserve to vote? That upset me.

ANYWAY, voting went well, no major lines, actually-- despite the fact that turnout was high.

However, today people are asking why Hillary and Huckabee don't just quit. Um, excuse me? I could SORT of see it with Huckabee; after all, he is over 500 delegates behind. But, even so, he has obviously touched a nerve with the ultra-right neo-cons, and has the ability at this point to have a very important voice at the RNC, so why would he quit? Not to mention, he seems to be angling for VP, though he says he isn't.

And, as for Hillary, she and Obama are within a VERY few delegates of each other. Why would ANYONE even THINK of asking why she doesn't quit? Did people ask Obama why HE didn't quit when he was several delegates behind (but still relatively close?). No, because it wouldn't have made sense. And it doesn't make sense here, either. We still have more than 1/4 of the primaries to go, and some very large, important states still. I can't imagine why anyone who is still in it would get out now. Even Giuliani didn't quit, he just suspended his campaign.

Supposedly, it is to allow 'unification' of the parties, so they can get behind a candidate and begin to think about November and a VP candidate. In my opinion, it's still way too early to even think about those things. We are looking at a possibly brokered convention on the Democrat side, and even possibly on the Republican side, if McCain doesn't get the required number of delegates. Which IS possible, because a LOT of Republicans are refusing to vote for him.

And that could cause some MAJOR problems if he is the candidate in November. There are lots of people who are saying they will either just stay home or vote for Hillary/Barack.

It's going to be a LONG 9 months!!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008


I was listening to the radio on the way home from work today and again heard this claim that in presidential campaigns, the most 'likable' candidate wins. I've heard this before. I've even heard this about Hitler. How he was charming and had charisma in person. I have never seen it in any of the films I've seen of him-- in all of them, he looks to me like a madman, out of control. His eyes were some of the darkest I've ever seen, showing the deep mental illness that was there.

I wanted to ask "WHAT is your definition of likable?" since it was implied that (except for Ford/Cater, who were both likable, but Ford pardoned Nixon), the most likable candidate has always won... and that somehow, McCain is more likable than Hillary, but Barack is more likable than McCain. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to.... so I decided to do some research into what most people consider the definition of 'likable.'

'Charisma' is one definition of likability. Part of that is 'making one feel good about him/herself when in your presence.' Or evoking sympathy or empathy. Or agreeable.

Now, all of these make sense. To me, someone who is likable is sympathetic or empathetic him/herself. I really truly believe that the eyes are the window to the soul, and to be likable to me, a person needs to have something in their eyes that tells me there's a 'there' there. That there's some depth and that there is genuine interest in and concern for others. However, by this definition, George Bush, Ronald Reagan and John McCain are NOT likable in the least.

I've even found one definition (of course, in sales) that talks about 'likability' as being chameleon-like, flexible enough to change your personality to suit the client/customer. That, to me, is the ANTITHESIS of likability. Manipulating people by pretending to be something you're not is NOT the way to my heart (although, I guess it IS the way to a lot of people's pocketbooks).

Is it someone I'd like to 'have a beer with?' Yeah, I guess. Someone I'd like to spend time with. But, I've been thinking a lot about it over the last few hours and the most important criteria for likability for me is HONESTY. I have to be able to look into your eyes and see that you mean what you say, that you are being honest, open and, actually, vulnerable.

Now, vulnerability is a kind of difficult thing. It is, in fact, the part of film acting that I have the most problem with. The reason is that I have done so much stage acting, which, of necessity, has to be bigger and broader. And, as such, is often not as honest or vulnerable. Emotions and movements, and even your speech, often have to be exaggerated to 'read.'

On the other hand, the camera is about as intimate as it gets. You can whisper and be heard, you can raise an eyebrow slightly or turn your head a fraction of an inch, and speak volumes. The camera sees EVERYTHING.... and that includes deeply into your eyes. It sees either truth or deception there. It sees your past there. It sees YOU. You are honestly not playing a character so much as YOURSELF in that situation, which is quite a bit different than onstage, often. And you have to be WILLING to not really hide behind a character, which you can do on stage. You have to be WILLING to allow people to SEE into your eyes-- to SEE into your soul in a way which is impossible on stage. To open yourself up to the ultimate intimacy and vulnerability.

THAT, to me, is and always has been, likability. It is why I like watching Julia Roberts-- she is vulnerability personified. It is why I ADORE Dame Judi and Helen Mirren... and Kate Hepburn. It is why I always, always, ALWAYS look into the eyes.

Now, by MY definition, the more likable candidate has NOT won the presidential election many times. I have NEVER understood what people mean when they keep saying that George Bush and Ronald Reagan are/were 'likable.' Ronald Reagan was a bad actor reading a script badly. I could see from the beginning that he didn't believe what he was saying.... and by the second term, I KNEW something was seriously wrong, though I didn't know what it was. I could see that he didn't even UNDERSTAND what he was saying-- and it gave me shivers when I saw two photos during his second term: one of him from just prior to his first inauguration-- vital, healthy, riding his horse, and the other a contemporary one in which he looked very ill to me. The change was SHOCKING, and not the typical aging, either. I was not surprised to hear he had Alzheimer's. The eyes told the tale-- there wasn't anything in there, especially by the second term. Before that, there was a wall. One behind which he hid himself (maybe to protect himself from people knowing what he MUST have been starting to sense? That something was wrong? I don't know). He never let us get to know the real Ronald Reagan. Only the 'character' he wanted us to see-- and he was playing a character.

As for Bush, I could feel the insincerity rolling off of him in waves the first time I heard him speak, when I didn't even know who he was. I looked into his eyes and saw-- nothing. Just hearing his voice makes me feel slimy and like I need to take a shower. I would NOT want to 'have a beer' with this man-- I'd be too worried he'd stab me in the back. I see no sincerity, no empathy at all. Looking into his eyes, I don't see that he RECOGNIZES other people outside of his close inner circle as even EXISTING... and some of his statements (like the 'reality-based' stuff and the 'decider' nonsense) only corroborate it. I don't feel that I have been given the opportunity to know the real George Bush in any way-- and it makes me wonder if he's hiding it or if it just doesn't exist. I don't see the wall as I did with Reagan... I simply see... nothing.

I guess I do have to admit that politicians are salespeople and by the 'sales' definition-- being chameleon-like and flexible to suit the personality of the client-- it may be true that both of the above men were likable. The problem with that is that the entire definition feels dishonest and just plain ICKY to me. I don't WANT to be around someone who changes who HE is to suit the people around him. I want to be with people who are willing to share and whom I can trust and feel that I know. Honesty , trust and reliability are high on my priority list.

I just read an article the other day that described the 'perfect wife.' This was supposed to be a woman who cleaned up after her children without complaining, who cooked the foods her husband likes and 'learns to like them, too.' Who 'treasures' his snoring or taking the covers off, and feels grateful to pick up his clothes. Who smiles when he works late because he's 'willing to provide for the family.' Who laughs at his jokes, even when they're not funny.

My biggest problem (aside from not raising independent, capable, ready-to-be-adult children) with this definition of the 'perfect wife' was the fact that the 'perfect wife' in this scenario was NOT being honest with herself OR with her family. And PARTICULARLY not her husband.

How can you have a relationship, ANY kind of relationship, without honesty? And that goes for my president, as well. I may not be in the same room, but when I listen and watch him/her talk to me, I want to see that it is real and honest and TRUTHFUL.

And that seems to be my problem with the definitions of 'likability' that I've found... none of them involve truth, REAL intimacy, or honesty. And by those definitions, many of the presidents we've had in the recent past were NOT likable. And those who were seem to have been the least successful.

It is, in fact, one of the definitions of a sociopath-- someone who can change to suit the circumstances, can 'blend in' and present a facade of emotions to the world, but doesn't actually feel or understand them; one who cannot empathize with other people. And THAT scares me in a leader.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thirty years?????????????????????????

Do you remember where you were 30 years ago this January and February?

I surely do!!!

We had driven down to Florida to visit my Grandmother and Grandaddy for Christmas. We had a WONDERFUL time. I remember that Mom bought us a Rubik's Cube.... and refused to let us open it in the car because she was afraid we'd have it solved in a couple of minutes! Actually, I never DID solve it until I got a solution book, and then could only ever do it WITH the book. They say that Will Smith learned to finish it in under 2 minutes for his film "Pursuit of Happyness" (an AMAZING movie, by the way!); I was never able to do that, and came close to BREAKING it a couple of times, I was so frustrated!

But, I digress....

On our way back from Florida, the car broke down. My memory is kind of hazy at this point, but I believe it was the radiator. Anyway, they couldn't fix it for a day or so, so we spent the night in a motel, and went to see the movie "Turning Point." I believe that was the last movie we went to see as a 'family.' My mom, even then, had trouble sitting in the seats at a theatre because of her back.

So, the next day, quite a bit poorer but with wheels, we trekked on home. It was supposed to have been the first day back at school-- well, it WAS, for everyone else. We didn't get back until late that evening, so no school for us.

That night, it started snowing. And snowing. And snowing. Now, you know that this is Kentucky. In 1994, our INTERSTATES were closed for a WEEK by 17" of snow, and abandoned TRUCKS abounded. Our motto is, "God put it there, God'll take it away (when He's of a mind to)." So, no school.

Then on the 15th, we got MORE snow. And then on the 25th came the 'Blizzard of 1978." It just seemed to NEVER stop. And STILL no school.

We lived on the top of a VERY steep hill. GREAT for sledding, but impossible to get a car up or down with snow or ice. Mom, being a nurse, had to go to work, even if we didn't go to school. Being without an available car, she went out the back kitchen door, down the steps, through the yard and the field behind it, slogging through drifts up to her waist or higher, in some places. Her boots weren't that tall, so her feet must have been FROZEN and SOAKED by the time she got to the road.

Every morning. To the main road about 1/4 mile away. Which was open. To ride the bus. And back again. Every night. In the dark. Through waist-deep or higher drifts. And close to 0-degree temps. With grocery bags almost every night, because she could only carry two bags through that. For almost a month, she did this.

She? Is my hero. For many reasons, but this is a BIG one. It's the best example of, "It needed doing, so I did it."

I also remember finally going BACK to school. They extended the school day more than an hour (2? I can't remember). We were REQUIRED to bring a snack, because we didn't get lunch until 1pm. This went on for most of the school year. Which was ALSO extended quite a bit. We had a LOT to make up. TWENTY days (or maybe a bit more).... 120 hours.

I really didn't realize until I started hearing about the anniversary just how BIG this storm was, and that it affected the ENTIRE Eastern half of the country. I had no idea just how HUGE it was. I always wondered if I'd kind of 'exaggerated' it my mind the way a kid's memory sometimes does. But, nope. I also thought it was much more localized than it was. I thought it only affected our state and maybe Indiana and Ohio. But, no-- this was, and is still considered, The TRUE Storm of the Century. May we never see another like it.

We actually had quite a bit of fun, because we got to stay nice and warm and got to go outside to play when we wanted.... but, as I keep telling my kids now, snow days can be fun, but you WON'T be happy going until the end of June to make them up!!! Thank God we had power (a LOT of people didn't), and Mom was able to get groceries-- she said today that she was LUCKY there was a grocery on the corner of that major road. She had to carry them 1/4 mile, but at least she was able to GET food for us. If it hadn't been there, she would have had no way to get food without a car.

So... where were YOU when the blizzard of '78 hit?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tsunami Tuesday!

Well, this is it. Half of the country is voting today. I really don't understand why they don't just come together and decide on a date for a national primary. We have national general elections, don't we? Especially with the race to be the 'first,' which led to two states having at least some of their delegates taken away because only CERTAIN states are allowed to hold primaries/caucuses before Feb. 5. Which makes no sense to me. And what also makes no sense to me is why those two states thought it was SO important to hold their primaries BEFORE today that they were willing to GIVE UP those delegates. What, really, was the difference in voting two weeks ago and voting today? Really? Did their votes cont more? (No, actually LESS, unless the parties change their minds and decide to seat those delegates anyway). Would they have had LESS of a voice if they'd had their primaries today? No, not as far as I can see.

Since it looks like the Republican candidate may be pretty much decided today, I'm following the results carefully... and I am very interested to see how the delegate splits shake out for the Democrats... although that won't be known for a while, it seems. They have to do the district-by-district counts for that.

Today will definitely tell us a lot, though!

"If you live in a Super Tuesday state, come out and help choose a president!"

Monday, February 4, 2008


I don't know how many of you have followed this, but the Westboro Baptist 'Church' (and I use the term church VERY loosely), which is composed of Fred Phelps and his family, has made a habit of protesting outside of funerals. They started with 'known' homosexuals and progressed to our returning soldiers. They yell, scream obscenities, say and have placards reading such things as "Thank God for dead soldiers," etc. Can they go any lower? Well, yes, yes they can.

A family was killed over Christmas in Ohio by a drunk driver. FIVE members of the family were killed, including four children and their mother. The WBC decided, instead of maybe picketing and protesting the COURT APPEARANCE of the DRUNK DRIVER, that it would be more moral to protest and picket the funeral of those CHILDREN and their MOTHER.

If you don't know the full evil that is these people, google WBC and go to their website. I refuse to put it on my blog, but you can find it easily. Just seriously BEWARE, because you will be assaulted by evil. In fact, according to them, all lawyers are going to Hell, even though most of them ARE lawyers... ???? Yet, they are the only ones who know the truth that God HATES. And their purpose is to spread that message-- yes, God hates YOU, no matter who you are.

Anyway, FINALLY the family of a service member sued them, for defamation and libel for what they said, and for interrupting their son's funeral. And they won. $11m. HALLELUJAH! And were determined to bankrupt the church to get the money-- hopefully to shut them down and gain ownership of the property.

However, the judge today reduced the award-- cut it in HALF. $5m will NOT bankrupt these people, it won't even put a DENT in what they do. I am absolutely disgusted and appalled at this judge. I guess our only hope for justice is for other families to sue them as well, and win. Perhaps MULTIPLE judgments will do the trick.

WBC is also still appealing the verdict. I hope and pray that THAT does not get overturned. $5m is at least SOMETHING and it says to everyone (except, apparently, THEM) that they do NOT have the right to do this to other human beings.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Long Walk

Okay, I joined The Great Interview Experiment at I encourage everyone to go sign up, it was a lot of fun. Basically, you sign up and the person before you interviews you and you interview the person after you. The person I interviewed was Dan at

I had a wonderful time (more about that later), but I wanted to add this from his blog.....

As many of you already know, this July I will be walking the the 78 mile long Dales Way footpath. Yes, 78 miles. In six days. And what’s more it was my own idea. Many are predicting it will be the end of me.

I am doing the walk in aid of The Joseph Salmon Trust, a charity set up by our close friends Neil and Rachel in memorial of their son Joseph. In April of 2005 three year old Joseph died suddenly in his sleep. Here is Rachel talking about it in the comments section of this blog:

Hi, this is Joseph’s mummy here. First Dan, I’d like to say a big thank you for what you’re planning on doing. When Neil sent me the link yesterday I was in tears. The bit about coming home to Joseph’s toys as we left them…well, I can’t describe the pain. And it’s still with us. We miss Joseph every day. He was our first child, he was a little smasher, and he turned Neil and I into - hopefully - better people because of who he was. We will always be proud to be his parents.

In answer to your question Whit, Joseph died from streptococcal pneumonia. It’s very rare and it took him, although suddenly, very peacefully. When I went in to him in the morning it was obvious from his posture that he’d just gone into a deeper and deeper sleep and never knew anything about it. This too is what all the medical personnel associated with him told us. There are not many (if any) consolations when you lose a child, but at least he didn’t suffer. And as a parent, it’s one of the things you want most for your child isn’t it?

So Dan, and everyone who’s going to join you - good luck and thank you.
From the comments section of A Prelude to an Announcement. October 22, 2007

The Joseph Salmon Trust supports parents who have lost a child by providing financial assistance to those who need it most. This may be to help with funeral costs or to allow the self employed a break from work while they come to terms with their loss. Grieving families have enough to deal with without worries about where they will find the money to say goodbye to their child or pay the next electricity bill. Nothing we can do can make their situation better, but we can do something to stop it getting worse.

And this is where you come in. Today marks the official start of the fundraising of the walk and I’m looking for donations. Any amount, no matter how small will go towards making a big difference to somebody in the darkest hours of their torment. When you donate you will receive (if you want one) a link on the roll of honor both here and on the Dales Walk blog. You also get the right to place one of these magnificent badges (designed by the delightful Mr Oli Walker) on your website or blog. You can either right click and save the picture from here, or I can email you the html code to insert into your blog.

supporting hardworksmall danblisters
In addition, if you could find the time to write own short post about the walk, or just copy and paste this one and put it on your blog, I would be eternally grateful. The more promotion the event gets the more money we are likely to raise.

Please, please, PLEASE, if you have a moment, go to the blog and check out the work they're doing, and follow the walk, and give a few pennies if you've got them. I can't imagine the pain involved in losing a child (and I never want to have to find out), and to give them at least this small comfort seems about the only way to really ease the journey at all.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Okay, I haven't said much about the elections, but I have been following the elections very closely.

Now, I cannot STAND George Bush. He is a lying, scheming, snakeoil salesman. Which gives me a huge problem with John McCain.... he of the "I'd be happy to have soldiers in Iraq for the next 100 years, and so would the American people." Um, not THIS American person! He talked about how we still have soldiers in Germany and Japan, and South Korea. And how this is okay. Well, IMO, it's actually NOT okay. I don't see any of the Republican candidates except Ron Paul who would NOT simply carry on the absolutely disastrous road down which Bush has taken us the last 7 years.

Which leads me to the Democratic debate last week. I have to say, I'm glad the fields on both sides have been whittled down-- it was just mindnumbing watching 9 people trying to get their comments in.

I thought the Democratic debate between Hillary and Barak was amazingly well-done. I liked the way they focused not so much on their differences with each other, but their differences with George Bush and the Republican candidates. I first saw Barak Obama when he spoke at the Democrat Convention, and I was enthralled. He was one of the most powerful speakers I had ever heard. And I think he still is.

However, vague, general, uplifting rhetoric doesn't tell me much. I have yet to hear any specifics about how he would get us to the point he keeps telling us we'll reach. I thought he had a very rough start at the debate, and was very unsure of himself... and, hey, I DEFINITELY understand how intimidating such a situation can be, especially when there are now only two-- the focus cannot be deflected. And I thought he found his footing, and became more sure of himself as the debate went on. I STILL didn't hear any specifics from him, however.

I thought Hillary was strong right out of the box. She was prepared, she detailed her past experience with clarity and thought towards the relevance of it. Much of which I had never heard about before. Unfortunately, when the word 'experience' comes up, most people tend to ask, "How does being First Lady give her experience?" I think they totally neglect her experience and success as an attorney, the fact that she is on two of the most powerful committees in the Senate, including the Armed Services Committee, the almost universal praise for her work in the Senate from colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and her other work over the last 35 years. Now, as for her time in the White House, no, she wasn't in charge, but it DID give her an opportunity to see first-hand what the job entails, how things work, what's necessary, and to develop rapport and relationships with foreign leaders. I think it has greatly informed her foreign policy, an area in which Barak seems to be lacking.

She was calm, confident, professional, and clear. She explained things about some of her votes that most people outside of Congress wouldn't likely know... and Barak continued to claim he'd been against the war from the beginning. Something which has demonstrably been proven not to be true. He focuses on the fact that she voted for the resolution, without including the fact that ALL of us, INCLUDING members of Congress, were LIED to and manipulated to GET that resolution passed. Barak's response was, "I think it's more important to be RIGHT from Day 1." Yet, he himself said that he didn't know how he would have voted. I have a problem with that.

Considering the options, I will most likely vote for whomever is the Democrat nominee; frankly, I don't know if it will happen, but I'd love to see a Clinton/Obama ticket. I would love to see him in the VP debates, and see what he can do 8 years from now, after he's really been involved. I think he could be an EXCELLENT president with a little 'seasoning,' but not right now.

And, frankly, I've had enough of people complaining that Bill would be 'involved,' and 'making phone calls.' Firstly, I don't believe that will be necessary. But if it is? Why NOT????? Anybody really think that GWB, who surrounded himself with his father's advisers (who proved failures the FIRST time around, but that's another issue) hasn't asked Daddy for help? There aren't a whole lot of people who HAVE the experience of being president, and the connections that provides-- what is wrong with using their expertise? Why is that a bad thing?

And, I"m frankly tired of her being called 'cold, heartless and ruthless' when she has done nothing that any male candidate hasn't done. Have ANY of the men been called such things? Of course not. And it happens ALL THE TIME. A man is 'ambitious' and 'aggressive.' A woman is 'cold' and 'a bitch.' And those SAME PEOPLE, when she dared to show a little emotion, suddenly called her 'weak' and 'manipulative,' and blew it WAY out of proportion. To the point that when I actually SAW the video, I wondered if I was missing something. I heard it called a 'sobfect,' a 'breakdown,' and other such ridiculous things-- she most CERTAINLY didn't have a breakdown, nor did she go on a crying jag. She didn't even actually CRY, she simply choked up and teared up a bit when talking about our country's future, which is obviously very important to her. I have to admit, I've done the same thing, on more than one occasion, thinking about what has happened to our country over the last 7 years.

Then we have 'decolletege-gate.' AGAIN, when I heard about it and then saw the video, I thought I MUST have missed something. What she was wearing was an attractive, professional suit, which didn't even really SHOW any cleavage; maybe, perhaps, the hint of it.... would any man have DAYS spent on his attire like that? With the REASON she was on the Senate floor (which was an important one), being ignored? I seriously doubt it. Does anyone even remember what she was talking about? Probably not (the cost of higher education). Does this happen to men? Of course not. Yet THIS was compared to a man coming on the floor with his FLY UNZIPPED. As if it was somehow indecent. Women wear more 'revealing' outfits in offices all over this country, and as someone else pointed out, IN CHURCH. And, up until this point, she had been criticized for her 'man suits.'

Meanwhile, with regard to Barak, I STILL hear people spreading the gossip that he was raised Muslim, that he IS Muslim, that he swore in as a Senator on the Q'uran (NONE of which is true), and that it would be an insult to our military to elect someone with the name Obama. HUH????????? And people such as that Shari person on The View (who has to be the dumbest adult woman I've ever heard of), spread this further on national television, and when called on it, simply said she had 'heard people say it.' OMG! I'm beginning to wonder if there shouldn't be a basic intelligence test in order to be able to vote! (No, not really, but sometimes I wonder if we REALLY want people who make their decisions/judgements this way deciding who our leaders are? Look what we got when we had people basing their decision on 'He MUST be perfect. He's a Christian.').

We need change-- change from the last 7 years. IMO, either of the Democrat candidates will provide that, none of the Republicans (except Ron Paul) will. My decision between the two of them has nothing to do with the 'race' card or the 'woman' card. It has to do with their records, their plans and their qualifications to be a leader.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


This week has just been basically boring. We had an all-day meeting yesterday (where we were given a TON of new paperwork and requirements, as usual)... we have several new teachers, and if I'm overwhelmed, I can't IMAGINE what they're thinking!!

And then last night was parent conferences. Which actually went VERY well. A good 2/3 of my parent showed up, so I was VERY happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I left my digital camera in my sis's car at Christmas time, and she is now 'holding it hostage,' until I come visit for dinner!!!! ;) Tried to tell her I'd come this weekend, but haven't heard from her, so we'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, the sleep place wants me to come BACK for the 'second part of the test.' ARGH!!!!

Between this and the weather (we're supposed to have ICE overnight tonight and all morning tomorrow!!), this is just a very blah week.... November and February are my least favourite months of the year, and February started a few days early this year! PLUS it's a leap year-- the only GOOD thing about it always was that it was a SHORT month, and we got March and spring to look forward to-- now, we have an EXTRA day of it. Yuck!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

To sleep, perchance to.....

Uh, no... not so much.

Went to have a sleep study last night. This was THE most uncomfortable, sleepless night I've spent in a LONG time. I don't EVER want to have to do it again!

They were supposed to have sent me some information (um, like, DIRECTIONS?!) before-hand. They did not, though I waited until yesterday afternoon! Tried to call, got no answer. So I spent over an hour trying to access their website, which didn't want to load. Finally, at least got the address!

The technician was alright. Wanted to take 'mug shots' which he promised would NOT end up on AMW! Then I had to fill out the 27 (!) page questionnaire. ACK!!!

There was a tv in each room, although why, I don't know, because as soon as he spent 45 minutes hooking me up to over 20 electrodes (all over your head, on your legs, one on your neck for snoring and two for the EKG), and putting the two belts on (do not ask me what those are for!) and putting TWO things in your nostrils to 'measure air flow' (Air flow? WHAT air flow? With those two humongous things in my nostrils, there's no ROOM for air!) AND the pulse ox meter, I got in bed, and they immediately turned it off.

Then they had to calibrate it which was kind of interesting-- asking you to do all sorts of things so they could measure and see if it was working.

At that point, I got to listen to ALL SORTS of noises as I tried to find SOME way to get comfortable. Between the light from the bathroom and the light from the heater, and the pulse ox meter that wasn't long enough and tried to strangle me, and the leg leads which tried to strangle my legs each time I moved, there weren't that many comfortable ways to lay. And since there was no radio to drown out the other noises, every time I did try to doze off, I'd hear something and be instantly awake. And since my nose was currently blocked, it was an adventure to try to breathe! Makes for a very restful sleep, no?

And, frankly, knowing that some stranger was watching me sleep was just... well.... creepy. I couldn't get that thought out of my mind. Like someone breaking into your room and standing over you watching you... just CREEPY.

I spent most of the night in that REALLY uncomfortable state between sleeping and waking.... and wondering WHEN someone was going to come in and tell me I could get up! However, since there was no CLOCK in the room, either, I had no way of telling what time it was or how much longer I was going to have to wait. When I heard someone's alarm clock, I knew I didn't have TOO much longer to wait.

Finally, FINALLY, the guy called me and told me I could get up-- first, we had to recalibrate, which meant going through all of the same stuff... look left, look right, blink, move your left leg...

I don't know what kind of tape he used, but OMG, when he pulled the tapes off, it HURT. OUCH!! But, finally, I was free. And had to answer a questionnaire before I could go, the first question of which was, "How many hours and minutes of sleep did you get?" Well, how the heck am I supposed to know, since you wouldn't give me a CLOCK?! SHEESH! And no dreams that I remember at all, which tells you how little real sleep I got.

He DID tell me I'd been awake since 4:45 (which meant I'd had to lay there for an HOUR before he finally freed me), and I guess I actually got about 4-5 hours, sort of. And was actually SHOCKED that I had woken up that early-- um, I normally have to get up at 5:30 (which he ALSO seemed unable to believe), so why would that be unusual when I'm so uncomfortable? But, um, yeah, if I want to get to work by 7:30, I have to be up by 5:30, since it takes at LEAST an hour to get to work from here. More, often, with traffic.

They had pastries and fruit and coffee, but I really honestly just wanted to get out of there. So I came home, and got a few hours of REAL sleep. And had to force myself to get out of bed at 10.

I surely hope I don't have to do this again!!!!!!!! But at least it's done. Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

26/365 -- Crazy Guy

Worry about the quiet ones!! 4am, favorite time. "Walking on my ceiling," breaking cars, blowing up the University. Not enough 'evidence' for psychiatric care. Schizophrenic, off meds. Talking CONSTANTLY. Stuck in a basement apartment, carpet over the window. Scariest person, also saddest.

25/365 -- Traci G.

Two Cancers, separated at birth!!!! HOURS on the phone, telling of the same childhood. Sensitive, trusting (TOO trusting!), intelligent, creative! Boston (and Emily the incredible!), driving all night back from the Premiere. Fog, detours, the girls laughing at us! SISTERS!

24/365 -- Annie

Husbands-- the SBC. Without them, we would never have met!! Talented, kind, generous, thoughtful, giving. Second strongest woman I know. Polar Bear Plunge-- better you than me! Sandy's house, drive to Jersey-- NEVER take the GSP on a Saturday in July!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Okay, I'm from Kentucky. I don't DO cold. I ESPECIALLY do not do SINGLE-DIGIT cold! Someone PLEASE take me out of the freezer!!!!!!

OMG, I could feel the cold coming through the windows! Now, yes, I know that this means the windows and the insulation suck and need to be replaced (and they're about 10th on the list!), but STILL!! And the poor little heat pump had no heat to pump!!!! No going outside Saturday or Sunday-- TOO BLOODY COLD! Had to go out yesterday to do things like get FOOD, little things like that. At least it had warmed up a LITTLE.

Then, today, having to go back after a 3-day weekend was SO painful. And I was informed that TODAY I was going to be observed. (ACK!). .... come to find out when I got to work, the heat had gone out. They had had it fixed, but after 3 days of single-digit lows, my room? Which is usually 85 degrees? And has no windows? Was probably about 50. BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually, I wear short sleeves because otherwise I would literally burn up!!!! I did not today because it was just TOO cold outside-- and thank goodness, or I'd be sick again already.

It didn't start to warm up until the end of the school day on that side of the building, so I ended up in the cafeteria with three other classes, trying to teach, and constantly saying, "Oh, I forgot to bring......." ARGH! Welcome to the week! It actually went pretty well, considering... and I think the observation went well... my two are the hardest to handle (not behavior-wise, but academics-wise) were absent. Which made getting through the less a bit smoother. Those two are my favorite kids, but they do require more attention and often redirection/help, which impedes the flow of the lesson. So, although I want them there every other day, it was nice to be able to have the lesson flow with observers there.

And, I didn't realize how cold I was until I walked into the cafeteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, it was nice and warm in there! :) If a bit noisy! Although I have to say that the kids did a very nice job dealing with that, and by after lunch, there were only two of us there (the building on the side closest to the cafeteria had started warming up more quickly), and then that wasn't an issue.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A light at the end of the tunnel........

...but is it the end of the tunnel or is it a train?

There IS some good news (we THINK!) for the first time since the strike started. We were all worried about the DGA and what kind of deal they'd make. If it's a bad one, then there will be more pressure on the WGA and SAG to agree to similar deals, and the DGA has a history of caving BIG time to the studios. This time, it appears they MIGHT not have.

From what we KNOW (which, granted, is not a lot), it looks like it might be fairly decent. Two BIG things they've gotten is jurisdiction over (at least some) internet original material and a much higher residual on electronic streaming/downloads. There may be restrictions which make it worthless, but we'll have to see, and it's still not what the writers asked for, but the studios seem to have granted the directors concessions they REFUSED to give the writers (and, in fact, WALKED OUT of negotiations rather than even DISCUSS).

The biggest of these is basing payments on distributor's gross. That is a LOT more than producers gross (after they deduct their 'expenses,' which basically means what they CHOOSE to allow).

My question is WHY would they absolutely REFUSE to even DISCUSS these things with the writers, but give them to the directors?

My guess is that this strike has had a much larger effect on the studios than they're willing to admit. They tried to make everyone believe that they had material AT LEAST until the beginning of the year, when they didn't. They didn't bank on the film side being so heavily affected so quickly, nor that they would run out of television scripts so quickly. The reruns they've been reduced to showing have been doing MISERABLY in the ratings, and in another two weeks, it's going to be Sweeps weeks, when their advertising rates are going to be set.... and they cannot afford to lose the money they will lose if they are showing reruns and getting the horrible ratings they've been getting... not to mention, their viewers are getting annoyed with the reruns (I know I am!), and are putting pressure on the studios to do something about it.

At this point, it's going to take close to a month to get most of the shows back into production and back on the air. If they push it, and have some scripts close to ready to go, maybe 2-3 weeks. And if this strike goes on much longer, pilot season will be a wash, which means they'll lose at least part of NEXT season... and, that, they REALLY can't afford. An entire calendar year without new episodes??? That would be death! Not to mention that SAG has shown MAJOR support, and we will not hesitate to go out on strike when our contract is up. Won't do them much good to have directors without any writers or actors, and a long strike by the actors would mean at least half of next season (if they even had any pilots at all) would be shot.

So let's HOPE that this deal is a decent one, the writers are able to go back to work, and that when we begin to negotiate, we have a good starting place!! PLEASE!!!!! We want to get back to work!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a wimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Secret, my little orange tabby? The one whose photo I snapped when she decided to become part of the Christmas decorations?

Well, she came to me as a stray on the street. One day I was going to work, and had to park a couple of blocks away. She trotted up to me, and then followed me to the building, until someone scared her away. I thought that was the last I'd see of her, until I came out to go home, and found her chilling underneath my car. Yup, she walked back there and waited for me to come back. Then when I opened the door, she jumped in and rode home on my lap... so I didn't have much of a choice, right?

Only, she still would LIKE to be an outdoor kitty. There for a while, she had kind of given up on the idea and stopped trying to sneak out-- until a couple of weeks ago, when she had a GREAT time leading me on a merry chase after her, trotting off with her tail held high when I got close, sniffing and just having a blast until she decided she'd had enough and let me carry her back in....

Once she got a taste of it again, she decided she remembered what she liked about it... only the next time she got out, the weather wasn't NEARLY so nice.... it was snowing/sleeting... so she made a beeline for the nearest car and would NOT come out. Every time she stuck her nose out and felt the snow/sleet, she just looked at me and mewed pitifully. SUCH A WIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never heard her meow in such a pitiable way.... every time her little precious fur got a little wet!! FINALLY, she let me pick her up, get her out from under the car and get her under my coat to go inside.

I guess I'll have to keep her! ;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tom Cruise

Have you seen the video? Okay, I've noticed the wackiness over the last few years, and noticed that his acting was REALLY affected (I mean, seriously, War of the Worlds? He was outacted by an 8 year old who was given nothing to do but SCREAM. He was AWFUL, and the only reason I didn't walk out was because I was with other people and I didn't drive to the theatre that night).

But, now? After watching the movie? I'm truly frightened by him. He's certifiably crazy and has lost the ability to form a coherent or cogent thought or sentence, apparently. How can ANYONE talk for over 9 minutes and make not ONE intelligible statement?

And Katie? She is now officially a Stepford Wife. Did you see her on Letterman? If you didn't, Youtube it. That was THE most boring interview I've ever seen. While he appeared to be spontaneous, she appeared to have rehearsed every single answer. It was just kind of creepy. I used to really like her, too, and think she was a good actor... based on the clip he showed of her upcoming movie, she, too, has lost the mojo... and they want their 2-year-old to be an actor, too? Because she's an 'artist'?? At TWO??????????????????? GMAFB!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Woo Hoo!!! Buy a lottery ticket!!

I am so excited!! Our show was nominated for a regional "Best Show" award! Cool!! :) Well, we didn't win, but I DID vote, and everyone who voted was entered into a random drawing.... and I WON!!! I have never won anything before! Seriously! I went to the track, bet dimes on the trotters, and LOST! But, I WON this time!! 2 tickets to 2 different shows and they came today.

I can't WAIT!!!! :)

(I did buy a lottery ticket and STILL didn't win that, though, darn it!).

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wakey, Wakey!!!

Ever been awakened in the middle of the night? By knocking on the door? Know how your heartrate just SPIKES?! Well, that happened last night. Got out of bed, and walked slowly and quietly down the stairs, after hearing the knocking over and over again for several minutes... just when I would think it was over, after a pause, it would start again. When I got downstairs, I could tell that it was not knocking on MY door, but on the house next door. WHEW!!! Waited a while, and thought AGAIN that it was over (heard the screen door close), but just as I got back into bed and started to calm down a little, it started again. At that point, I was just annoyed. I guess they got tired and went away eventually-- me, I turned the radio up. It's SO hard to go back to sleep once you're fully awake!!!!

I know I've been remiss on my 365 posts... am going to try to start again today.

I'm feeling a LOT better, but the house is still a mess, and I don't feel much like doing a whole lot. I did go to Target and the grocery store yesterday. Spent $60 at Target, 'cause I was out of almost EVERYTHING-- toilet tissue, scot towels, kleenex, detergent... ARGH! Now, not so much anymore, fortunately!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, I've almost survived the week. I'm still not feeling all that well, and trying to work all day every day has got me pretty much drained, but I've almost gotten through! Saturday, I can sleep!! :)

I am excited. I won a prize in a drawing-- 2 tickets to 2 shows!! Very cool, since I don't ever win anything!!
Gonna go get a lottery ticket! LOL! That does go a long way toward making me feel a little better.

I did get the rest of the antibiotics, which I DEFINITELY still need. The doctor had to write another prescription, but I got them! YAY! Oh, I hope they work. I have not had a cold/infection this bad in a long time. Mom says that I'm delaying my recovery by working, but I don't have much choice.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Okay, I haven't posted any pics so far, but I just HAVE to try to post one. Looks like it did!! Merry Christmas! :)

Christmas-- was okay. I was just so exhausted (I was fighting off this sinus infection even before Christmas), and really not feeling in a Christmas mood. The last show was wonderful and sad, and I had a hard time sleeping, especially knowing that I needed to be up by 3 am to get to the airport the regulation 2 hours before flight time-- especially at Christmas, because it takes a LONG time to find a parking place at Christmas, especially on Christmas Eve day. You'd be SHOCKED at how many people were AT the airport at 5 am on Christmas Eve!

Woke up at 2, so got up anyway, to make sure that everything was ready to go. I did NOT get the house cleaned, which I ALWAYS do before a trip, because I HATE coming home to a dirty house. HATE it. ANYWAY, got to the airport, we had a VERY difficult time trying to find a place to park, but finally did. Got through security and had to wait-- because the plane, of course, took off late, even though it was the first flight of the day! For no reason that could be determined. Which meant we were late getting into Memphis. Which meant running all the way from the gate we landed at to the gate for the next plane, while knowing that the flight was scheduled to take off in 10 minutes.... and just as I approached the gate, some poor deluded woman who was trying to be comforting said, "Don't run, they'll hold the plane for you!" Um, yeah.

Um, no. Though we arrived 5 minutes before the plane was scheduled to leave, and they KNEW the flight was late, and they KNEW when it landed (and there were several other people from other flights, too, who were in a similar situation), they, of course, did NOT hold the plane.

So, we stood. And stood. And waited. And waited. For 45 minutes. Without an apology or even an acknowledgment. Until, FINALLY, someone took us over to ANOTHER desk to rebook us-- guess she finally got tired of us standing there, having been told by the other woman to 'just sit down and we'll get to you," when we first got there. Um, no, I'm not sitting down, because then you'll totally forget we're here!!! So, FINALLY got rebooked on a flight FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATER.

So, there we were. In Memphis. For FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. And, quickly discovered that there is almost NOTHING in the Memphis airport (shopping, eating) that is not OUTSIDE the security barriers. I was not ABOUT to go out and then have to stand in a security line for 2 hours and go through all that again. No WAY. I dislike the Memphis airport almost as much as I dislike Detroit. I will NEVER go through Memphis again, and will never fly Northwest again-- EVERY time I've flown them, something under THEIR control has gone wrong. I think we will from now on be flying direct into Louisville on Southwest and flying. Cheaper, nicer and a LOT less aggravation.

ANYWAY, of course the NEXT plane was late, too (so why not the one we were SUPPOSED to have been on?)... so, by the time we arrived home, it was a 12-hour trip, and then discovered that the luggage went to DETROIT. After waiting for almost 20 minutes for the luggage (because while they said the luggage from Memphis was going to be on a particular carousel, the sign AT the carousel had another flight number on it... so, I wasn't sure which luggage was actually going around and around. FINALLY found someone to ask, who said, "This is it. This is the Memphis flight." He WAS able to pinpoint WHERE the luggage went, but not WHY it went to Detroit. Nor when it would be THERE. Never got even a HINT of an apology.

Gave them the local address and phone number, never heard from them. Finally called them. "Oh, well, it wasn't on the flight we thought it would be on, but we have another flight coming in tonight at 11pm." Um, yeah, that flight NEVER flies. It almost ALWAYS gets cancelled. I know this, because I was supposed to be ON that flight a couple of times, and it was cancelled both times, AND several people who fly it frequently said they like to combine the flights if they don't have enough people on them. Anway, of course, it DIDN'T come. But I had to CALL THEM to find out. And they STILL didn't know where the luggage was. And they STILL didn't know WHY it went to Detroit. And they STILL didn't offer even a HINT of an apology.

FINALLY, on the THIRD day, I called again and was told it was actually here, and in the hands of a delivery company. Called them... "Um, why do you think we have it?" "Um, 'cause I was TOLD you did?" "Oh, yeah, but I can't leave right now, and the other guy is out making deliveries, so I'll call you and will bring it in a couple of hours when he gets back." Fast-forward to....

Six hours later, when I call them again. "OK, he's going to bring it out now." I actually did get ONE call from them. From the driver who couldn't find the house. Um, you go down this street, turn right on this street, an immediate left, and it's on the left. All fairly major streets. And you'd REALLY think that a company whose business it is to deliver things would have access to Mapquest or a GPS, wouldn't you? Anyway, he DOES call and says he can't find it, but I give him directions again, and he'll be there, or he'll call again. Of course, he doesn't.

When I call them AGAIN, "Our driver couldn't find it. Give me directions AGAIN." So I do-- the SAME ones. Which they don't seem to understand. "Does that street dead-end into a cul-de-sac?" "Um, yeah, if you go far enough, but you're going to turn an immediate left BEFORE that. " "OK, we'll call you."

You guessed it. They didn't. We DID, however, find the luggage on the front porch the next morning. ::SIGH:: Right under the doorbell. ::DOUBLE SIGH::

Well, at least it got there! WAY after Christmas!

Sis and her partner didn't come. They decided to spend Christmas this year with partner's family. Which I guess I can understand. But, Mom was REALLY upset by it, and for the first time in quite a while, I wondered if this might be our last Christmas with her. She seems to be holding her own, but she also seems to be having a harder time. That's really been on my mind lately-- I just can't imagine not having her around, being able to talk to her whenever I want (usually on the way home from work! Makes that LONG drive home bearable).

Her neighbor, K., was going to join us for Christmas dinner, and then she had a friend she was going to spend Christmas with. Mom invited her, too, but K. said that the friend really wanted to cook. She did come by to give us presents, and spent several hours talking.

Then on Saturday before I left, we went to an open house at the lady across the street's house. It was very nice, and I got to meet some people who've moved in since I left, or that I haven't seen since we were down there a couple of years ago to help with Mom's garage sale. I also got to meet the wife of the man who bought the other half of the duplex from my aunt. He's really nice, and she seems to be, too.... but this one is mostly for their kids who are in college, since it's near the university, so they don't spend a whole lot of time there.

So, it was quiet, we did some shopping, but not as much as usual. It WAS relaxing, which was nice, but just didn't seem like Christmas.

I didn't even do much decorating here. And what I DID do, I can't wait right now to take down. As soon as I feel better, I'm going to.

WHEW!! That was long-winded!!!!

Insurance companies AGAIN!!! :(

I finally feel well enough to talk about Christmas. Which I will do in a moment.

First, I have to say that the first time using my new BC/BS Rx insurance was NOT an auspicious one... I have a feeling that this may be even worse than Caremark, although I'll reserve judgement for the time being. The doc prescribed 12 antibiotic pills. They gave me, of course, the generic (I'm not going to quibble with antibiotics).... only, they would only authorize HALF of the script. For which I paid $10. I asked what I was supposed to do, and the guy said, 'Well, you could pay for the rest out of pocket." "How much will that cost?" "$57." FIFTY-SEVEN DOLLARS????? The six I got, including my co-pay and what they say the insurance company paid, only came to $25... so why, if I'm paying out of pocket, is it more than TWICE what they charge the insurance company?????? Makes NO sense.

Well, of course, there was no-one at the insurance company to explain this decision to me. So I have to try to find some time while at work on Monday (which is almost impossible, since I don't even get time for LUNCH) to try to call and argue with them. THEY should not be making medical decisions. THEY are not my doctor, and as everyone who has any knowledge of antibiotics knows, you HAVE to take ALL of them. ALL of them, or the infection will come back worse than ever. ::SIGH::

Meanwhile, I did get my cool little Visa card that will allow me to automatically debit my FSA account to pay for my scripts instead of asking for reimbursement. That's nice. Hopefully, it will save some money for me, since it's tax free funds that are put in there.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


It's a sinus infection! :( I am now waiting for them to fill an antibiotic script. Well, hopefully, this will make me feel better, 'cause right now, I'm not sure I could make it through an entire week. The doc heard that I had called in sick on Wednesday and Thursday and said, "Enough said!" I have NEVER called in sick two days in a row (except when I was in the hospital with an allergic reaction-- a BAD one-- over a year ago), so she knew it was bad... and knew it was a sinus infection before she even looked... took one look, said, "ICK!" and I walked out with a shiny new med to take. ::SIGH::

She's also after me to have a sleep study done, and was TICKED that they wouldn't do the glucose tolerance test and didn't bother to listen to the answering machine message which would have given them her cellphone number so they could contact her. Oh, well....

Friday, January 4, 2008

Damn airplanes......

and their germs!!! I started getting sick Tuesday afternoon, and by Wednesday, was laid low. REALLY low... by Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I was not sleeping and throwing up everything I ate. My sinuses hurt so badly I couldn't lay down and I literally got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep, mostly in 20 minute spurts. By last night, I was better (slept through most of the night), and although I'm still hacking and coughing up green gunk, I did go to work today, and managed to do pretty well... started getting a little tired by the afternoon, but made it through without any major problems, thank goodness! And, now, the weekend, where, despite the fact that I have not yet washed the clothes from my trip, the house is a total mess and the Christmas decorations aren't down, I'm going to REST!!! :) I'll do little bits here and there, and am going to the doc just to make sure that I don't have the flu or anything, but since I've recovered so substantially in the last day or so, I'm guessing not. Well, hey, I managed to hold it off, too, until after the holidays!!! Couldn't get really sick during the run of the show, now, could I?

Zicam works really well for me, but (and it may be because I don't take it as directed, but usually only a couple at a time), it usually only holds off the cold for me until it's more 'convenient' to get sick. LOL! But, fortunately, I don't tend to get many colds to begin with. Used to be, I'd get a cold every December, like clockwork.