Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have you ever......

volunteered to do something, and it ended up being a LOT more than you intended??????????

After the 3 shows back-to-back, and 2 films, I decided I needed a little bit of a break. I thought January was going to BE that break, since in Feb., I'll most likely be teaching SAT prep some Saturdays.

Except G. was stagemanaging a show, and I said I'd help out... I'm figuring I'll be back stage, helping out a few shows, on the weekends, after they open. Well... not so much. More like being there for two solid weeks until midnight, running the boards, and ending up stage managing! ACK!!

Not that I mind, really, I am enjoying it. BUT, sleep deprivation is MAJORLY catching up with me!!!!
Now that the run has started, there are 3 of us, so we are rotating shows (which is nice because it means I don't have to be there for every show, but kind of defeats the purpose of DOING this, which was to spend time with G! LOL!). So, today I'm trying to catch up on some stuff around here, get some rest, and find the @*%@)(% script I had to buy of Glass Menagerie (even though I already HAD it but couldn't find it) and now THIS one has disappeared! ARGH! I need it for a monologue for a class I'm taking (with the director from the show I'm stage managing now). Which was supposed to have started last Monday, but the weather was so bad, only three of us showed up , so he postponed it. Which was good, except I still haven't been able to find it... and do not want to spend ANOTHER $10 on it!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last Ditch Effort......

of 2008 to suck the life out of everyone... here's how I spent most of my New Year's Eve......

Spent most of it in the ER. A friend was taken there. She was at work and went to a store to get something to eat. When she walked in, they had a mat on the floor-- she tripped over it, hit her head on the counter, and the girl who was with her fell on top of HER. We wouldn't have even known except we decided to call several hours later to see if she'd gotten out of work early. So, we had to get down there-- down in the city and my other friend (her sister) who was with me HATES driving in the city. So, I drove, we finally found it, and got in to see her. They don't think she had a concussion, and she didn't break anything, but she has a NASTY cut on her nose from where she hit the counter, and probably has a nice black and blue nose and eyes this morning. She can't wear her glasses and thus can't drive. They have glued the cut on her nose.
Her car was in the parking garage at work, and would be towed if she left it.... SO, off we go, when she FINALLY gets released (and we insist that she's coming home with us and staying with her sis for the night-- she only relents when the doc says, "That's a very good idea."). Only problem is that her pass card won't work from the outside (because as far as the computer knows, she's still in the building-- she didn't 'check' her car out, so no-one else can use it to get in). I'm sitting there, with no way out except to possibly back up out into the road, when two cars come up behind me and start honking.... and I have nowhere to go. ::SIGH::.... they manage to get in the garage, but can't find anyone to help them get her car out (and get ME out of there someway! LOL!). FINALLY, I guess someone came back to the booth, and came out to open the door so I could get in, they finally get her car (with her sis-- the one who gets sick to her stomach driving in the city--driving) out of the parking garage (her card wouldn't let her out, either, so we had to get someone else to let us out... ::SIGH::)....after MANY long minutes, we are out and on our way home..... FINALLY getting out of the city and friend is starving, 'cause she hadn't eaten any breakfast and didn't get the lunch she was going after. So we stop somewhere to eat (try finding a place that's open on NYE and not full of people with reservations!!)..... then she finally got to relax (although it's VERY difficult for her not to be able to SEE, and she can't wear her glasses until Monday).... and I'm exhausted! LOL!
But at least it all happened BEFORE 2008 was over.... Happy 2009!!!! :)

Thank GOD!!!!!! 2009 is here!!!

Well, 2008 sucked in almost EVERY single way. Well, except a couple-- that would be meeting G. He played my husband in the last show I did, and we started talking, as he is bound and determined (and was before I met him), to move to NYC (well, the NJ suburbs-- he whispered DESPERATELY "suburbs, suburbs" and I wholeheartedly agreed with him-- unless you have BEAUCOUP bucks, Manhatten is NOT the place to be). I decided the time has come to quit putting it off, since I've been saying for several years, "Someday...."-- part of the problem has been my recertification and selling the house.

We discussed it... then one day he nonchalontly says, "I was talking to (the director) and he said, "Why don't you and she just get a place together?" So, that looks like a strong possibility. The only problem is that he's ALLERGIC TO CATS! OMG!! :*( He said, "I wouldn't want to make you get rid of them...." and I told him we'd figure it out.... I THINK maybe J. would benefit. Her furbaby, D., is probably not going to live much longer. :*( I think having some lap kitties might make her feel better. I haven't broached the subject with her yet, but we'll see what she says. I was talking to T., and she suggested perhaps renting out the house until the prices improve.... and that is a possibility, because I just don't think I'm going to get a price that I can live with right now. Maybe in a year or two, it'll be better. If I leave here (which I want to desperately), I'm not coming back. G. said, "If it doesn't work out, we can always come back here." Uh-uh. I HATE it here... and he doesn't like it much, either.

He is an actor (didn't I PROMISE myself no more actors?! LOL!!!), but I feel no reservations with him.... unlike everyone else I've dated in the past!!!!! We will see where it leads. Here I thought that January would be a bit of a breather, but it looks like it's going to be as busy as October, November and December were!!!!!

Anyway, so there ARE some good things to look forward to in 2009.... and good RIDDANCE to 2008!! As a year, it just SUCKED royal duck eggs.

And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(even if I do have to go back to work on Monday... UGH!)