Thursday, January 31, 2008


This week has just been basically boring. We had an all-day meeting yesterday (where we were given a TON of new paperwork and requirements, as usual)... we have several new teachers, and if I'm overwhelmed, I can't IMAGINE what they're thinking!!

And then last night was parent conferences. Which actually went VERY well. A good 2/3 of my parent showed up, so I was VERY happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, I left my digital camera in my sis's car at Christmas time, and she is now 'holding it hostage,' until I come visit for dinner!!!! ;) Tried to tell her I'd come this weekend, but haven't heard from her, so we'll see what happens.

Meanwhile, the sleep place wants me to come BACK for the 'second part of the test.' ARGH!!!!

Between this and the weather (we're supposed to have ICE overnight tonight and all morning tomorrow!!), this is just a very blah week.... November and February are my least favourite months of the year, and February started a few days early this year! PLUS it's a leap year-- the only GOOD thing about it always was that it was a SHORT month, and we got March and spring to look forward to-- now, we have an EXTRA day of it. Yuck!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

To sleep, perchance to.....

Uh, no... not so much.

Went to have a sleep study last night. This was THE most uncomfortable, sleepless night I've spent in a LONG time. I don't EVER want to have to do it again!

They were supposed to have sent me some information (um, like, DIRECTIONS?!) before-hand. They did not, though I waited until yesterday afternoon! Tried to call, got no answer. So I spent over an hour trying to access their website, which didn't want to load. Finally, at least got the address!

The technician was alright. Wanted to take 'mug shots' which he promised would NOT end up on AMW! Then I had to fill out the 27 (!) page questionnaire. ACK!!!

There was a tv in each room, although why, I don't know, because as soon as he spent 45 minutes hooking me up to over 20 electrodes (all over your head, on your legs, one on your neck for snoring and two for the EKG), and putting the two belts on (do not ask me what those are for!) and putting TWO things in your nostrils to 'measure air flow' (Air flow? WHAT air flow? With those two humongous things in my nostrils, there's no ROOM for air!) AND the pulse ox meter, I got in bed, and they immediately turned it off.

Then they had to calibrate it which was kind of interesting-- asking you to do all sorts of things so they could measure and see if it was working.

At that point, I got to listen to ALL SORTS of noises as I tried to find SOME way to get comfortable. Between the light from the bathroom and the light from the heater, and the pulse ox meter that wasn't long enough and tried to strangle me, and the leg leads which tried to strangle my legs each time I moved, there weren't that many comfortable ways to lay. And since there was no radio to drown out the other noises, every time I did try to doze off, I'd hear something and be instantly awake. And since my nose was currently blocked, it was an adventure to try to breathe! Makes for a very restful sleep, no?

And, frankly, knowing that some stranger was watching me sleep was just... well.... creepy. I couldn't get that thought out of my mind. Like someone breaking into your room and standing over you watching you... just CREEPY.

I spent most of the night in that REALLY uncomfortable state between sleeping and waking.... and wondering WHEN someone was going to come in and tell me I could get up! However, since there was no CLOCK in the room, either, I had no way of telling what time it was or how much longer I was going to have to wait. When I heard someone's alarm clock, I knew I didn't have TOO much longer to wait.

Finally, FINALLY, the guy called me and told me I could get up-- first, we had to recalibrate, which meant going through all of the same stuff... look left, look right, blink, move your left leg...

I don't know what kind of tape he used, but OMG, when he pulled the tapes off, it HURT. OUCH!! But, finally, I was free. And had to answer a questionnaire before I could go, the first question of which was, "How many hours and minutes of sleep did you get?" Well, how the heck am I supposed to know, since you wouldn't give me a CLOCK?! SHEESH! And no dreams that I remember at all, which tells you how little real sleep I got.

He DID tell me I'd been awake since 4:45 (which meant I'd had to lay there for an HOUR before he finally freed me), and I guess I actually got about 4-5 hours, sort of. And was actually SHOCKED that I had woken up that early-- um, I normally have to get up at 5:30 (which he ALSO seemed unable to believe), so why would that be unusual when I'm so uncomfortable? But, um, yeah, if I want to get to work by 7:30, I have to be up by 5:30, since it takes at LEAST an hour to get to work from here. More, often, with traffic.

They had pastries and fruit and coffee, but I really honestly just wanted to get out of there. So I came home, and got a few hours of REAL sleep. And had to force myself to get out of bed at 10.

I surely hope I don't have to do this again!!!!!!!! But at least it's done. Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

26/365 -- Crazy Guy

Worry about the quiet ones!! 4am, favorite time. "Walking on my ceiling," breaking cars, blowing up the University. Not enough 'evidence' for psychiatric care. Schizophrenic, off meds. Talking CONSTANTLY. Stuck in a basement apartment, carpet over the window. Scariest person, also saddest.

25/365 -- Traci G.

Two Cancers, separated at birth!!!! HOURS on the phone, telling of the same childhood. Sensitive, trusting (TOO trusting!), intelligent, creative! Boston (and Emily the incredible!), driving all night back from the Premiere. Fog, detours, the girls laughing at us! SISTERS!

24/365 -- Annie

Husbands-- the SBC. Without them, we would never have met!! Talented, kind, generous, thoughtful, giving. Second strongest woman I know. Polar Bear Plunge-- better you than me! Sandy's house, drive to Jersey-- NEVER take the GSP on a Saturday in July!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Okay, I'm from Kentucky. I don't DO cold. I ESPECIALLY do not do SINGLE-DIGIT cold! Someone PLEASE take me out of the freezer!!!!!!

OMG, I could feel the cold coming through the windows! Now, yes, I know that this means the windows and the insulation suck and need to be replaced (and they're about 10th on the list!), but STILL!! And the poor little heat pump had no heat to pump!!!! No going outside Saturday or Sunday-- TOO BLOODY COLD! Had to go out yesterday to do things like get FOOD, little things like that. At least it had warmed up a LITTLE.

Then, today, having to go back after a 3-day weekend was SO painful. And I was informed that TODAY I was going to be observed. (ACK!). .... come to find out when I got to work, the heat had gone out. They had had it fixed, but after 3 days of single-digit lows, my room? Which is usually 85 degrees? And has no windows? Was probably about 50. BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually, I wear short sleeves because otherwise I would literally burn up!!!! I did not today because it was just TOO cold outside-- and thank goodness, or I'd be sick again already.

It didn't start to warm up until the end of the school day on that side of the building, so I ended up in the cafeteria with three other classes, trying to teach, and constantly saying, "Oh, I forgot to bring......." ARGH! Welcome to the week! It actually went pretty well, considering... and I think the observation went well... my two are the hardest to handle (not behavior-wise, but academics-wise) were absent. Which made getting through the less a bit smoother. Those two are my favorite kids, but they do require more attention and often redirection/help, which impedes the flow of the lesson. So, although I want them there every other day, it was nice to be able to have the lesson flow with observers there.

And, I didn't realize how cold I was until I walked into the cafeteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, it was nice and warm in there! :) If a bit noisy! Although I have to say that the kids did a very nice job dealing with that, and by after lunch, there were only two of us there (the building on the side closest to the cafeteria had started warming up more quickly), and then that wasn't an issue.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A light at the end of the tunnel........

...but is it the end of the tunnel or is it a train?

There IS some good news (we THINK!) for the first time since the strike started. We were all worried about the DGA and what kind of deal they'd make. If it's a bad one, then there will be more pressure on the WGA and SAG to agree to similar deals, and the DGA has a history of caving BIG time to the studios. This time, it appears they MIGHT not have.

From what we KNOW (which, granted, is not a lot), it looks like it might be fairly decent. Two BIG things they've gotten is jurisdiction over (at least some) internet original material and a much higher residual on electronic streaming/downloads. There may be restrictions which make it worthless, but we'll have to see, and it's still not what the writers asked for, but the studios seem to have granted the directors concessions they REFUSED to give the writers (and, in fact, WALKED OUT of negotiations rather than even DISCUSS).

The biggest of these is basing payments on distributor's gross. That is a LOT more than producers gross (after they deduct their 'expenses,' which basically means what they CHOOSE to allow).

My question is WHY would they absolutely REFUSE to even DISCUSS these things with the writers, but give them to the directors?

My guess is that this strike has had a much larger effect on the studios than they're willing to admit. They tried to make everyone believe that they had material AT LEAST until the beginning of the year, when they didn't. They didn't bank on the film side being so heavily affected so quickly, nor that they would run out of television scripts so quickly. The reruns they've been reduced to showing have been doing MISERABLY in the ratings, and in another two weeks, it's going to be Sweeps weeks, when their advertising rates are going to be set.... and they cannot afford to lose the money they will lose if they are showing reruns and getting the horrible ratings they've been getting... not to mention, their viewers are getting annoyed with the reruns (I know I am!), and are putting pressure on the studios to do something about it.

At this point, it's going to take close to a month to get most of the shows back into production and back on the air. If they push it, and have some scripts close to ready to go, maybe 2-3 weeks. And if this strike goes on much longer, pilot season will be a wash, which means they'll lose at least part of NEXT season... and, that, they REALLY can't afford. An entire calendar year without new episodes??? That would be death! Not to mention that SAG has shown MAJOR support, and we will not hesitate to go out on strike when our contract is up. Won't do them much good to have directors without any writers or actors, and a long strike by the actors would mean at least half of next season (if they even had any pilots at all) would be shot.

So let's HOPE that this deal is a decent one, the writers are able to go back to work, and that when we begin to negotiate, we have a good starting place!! PLEASE!!!!! We want to get back to work!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a wimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Secret, my little orange tabby? The one whose photo I snapped when she decided to become part of the Christmas decorations?

Well, she came to me as a stray on the street. One day I was going to work, and had to park a couple of blocks away. She trotted up to me, and then followed me to the building, until someone scared her away. I thought that was the last I'd see of her, until I came out to go home, and found her chilling underneath my car. Yup, she walked back there and waited for me to come back. Then when I opened the door, she jumped in and rode home on my lap... so I didn't have much of a choice, right?

Only, she still would LIKE to be an outdoor kitty. There for a while, she had kind of given up on the idea and stopped trying to sneak out-- until a couple of weeks ago, when she had a GREAT time leading me on a merry chase after her, trotting off with her tail held high when I got close, sniffing and just having a blast until she decided she'd had enough and let me carry her back in....

Once she got a taste of it again, she decided she remembered what she liked about it... only the next time she got out, the weather wasn't NEARLY so nice.... it was snowing/sleeting... so she made a beeline for the nearest car and would NOT come out. Every time she stuck her nose out and felt the snow/sleet, she just looked at me and mewed pitifully. SUCH A WIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never heard her meow in such a pitiable way.... every time her little precious fur got a little wet!! FINALLY, she let me pick her up, get her out from under the car and get her under my coat to go inside.

I guess I'll have to keep her! ;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tom Cruise

Have you seen the video? Okay, I've noticed the wackiness over the last few years, and noticed that his acting was REALLY affected (I mean, seriously, War of the Worlds? He was outacted by an 8 year old who was given nothing to do but SCREAM. He was AWFUL, and the only reason I didn't walk out was because I was with other people and I didn't drive to the theatre that night).

But, now? After watching the movie? I'm truly frightened by him. He's certifiably crazy and has lost the ability to form a coherent or cogent thought or sentence, apparently. How can ANYONE talk for over 9 minutes and make not ONE intelligible statement?

And Katie? She is now officially a Stepford Wife. Did you see her on Letterman? If you didn't, Youtube it. That was THE most boring interview I've ever seen. While he appeared to be spontaneous, she appeared to have rehearsed every single answer. It was just kind of creepy. I used to really like her, too, and think she was a good actor... based on the clip he showed of her upcoming movie, she, too, has lost the mojo... and they want their 2-year-old to be an actor, too? Because she's an 'artist'?? At TWO??????????????????? GMAFB!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Woo Hoo!!! Buy a lottery ticket!!

I am so excited!! Our show was nominated for a regional "Best Show" award! Cool!! :) Well, we didn't win, but I DID vote, and everyone who voted was entered into a random drawing.... and I WON!!! I have never won anything before! Seriously! I went to the track, bet dimes on the trotters, and LOST! But, I WON this time!! 2 tickets to 2 different shows and they came today.

I can't WAIT!!!! :)

(I did buy a lottery ticket and STILL didn't win that, though, darn it!).

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wakey, Wakey!!!

Ever been awakened in the middle of the night? By knocking on the door? Know how your heartrate just SPIKES?! Well, that happened last night. Got out of bed, and walked slowly and quietly down the stairs, after hearing the knocking over and over again for several minutes... just when I would think it was over, after a pause, it would start again. When I got downstairs, I could tell that it was not knocking on MY door, but on the house next door. WHEW!!! Waited a while, and thought AGAIN that it was over (heard the screen door close), but just as I got back into bed and started to calm down a little, it started again. At that point, I was just annoyed. I guess they got tired and went away eventually-- me, I turned the radio up. It's SO hard to go back to sleep once you're fully awake!!!!

I know I've been remiss on my 365 posts... am going to try to start again today.

I'm feeling a LOT better, but the house is still a mess, and I don't feel much like doing a whole lot. I did go to Target and the grocery store yesterday. Spent $60 at Target, 'cause I was out of almost EVERYTHING-- toilet tissue, scot towels, kleenex, detergent... ARGH! Now, not so much anymore, fortunately!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, I've almost survived the week. I'm still not feeling all that well, and trying to work all day every day has got me pretty much drained, but I've almost gotten through! Saturday, I can sleep!! :)

I am excited. I won a prize in a drawing-- 2 tickets to 2 shows!! Very cool, since I don't ever win anything!!
Gonna go get a lottery ticket! LOL! That does go a long way toward making me feel a little better.

I did get the rest of the antibiotics, which I DEFINITELY still need. The doctor had to write another prescription, but I got them! YAY! Oh, I hope they work. I have not had a cold/infection this bad in a long time. Mom says that I'm delaying my recovery by working, but I don't have much choice.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Okay, I haven't posted any pics so far, but I just HAVE to try to post one. Looks like it did!! Merry Christmas! :)

Christmas-- was okay. I was just so exhausted (I was fighting off this sinus infection even before Christmas), and really not feeling in a Christmas mood. The last show was wonderful and sad, and I had a hard time sleeping, especially knowing that I needed to be up by 3 am to get to the airport the regulation 2 hours before flight time-- especially at Christmas, because it takes a LONG time to find a parking place at Christmas, especially on Christmas Eve day. You'd be SHOCKED at how many people were AT the airport at 5 am on Christmas Eve!

Woke up at 2, so got up anyway, to make sure that everything was ready to go. I did NOT get the house cleaned, which I ALWAYS do before a trip, because I HATE coming home to a dirty house. HATE it. ANYWAY, got to the airport, we had a VERY difficult time trying to find a place to park, but finally did. Got through security and had to wait-- because the plane, of course, took off late, even though it was the first flight of the day! For no reason that could be determined. Which meant we were late getting into Memphis. Which meant running all the way from the gate we landed at to the gate for the next plane, while knowing that the flight was scheduled to take off in 10 minutes.... and just as I approached the gate, some poor deluded woman who was trying to be comforting said, "Don't run, they'll hold the plane for you!" Um, yeah.

Um, no. Though we arrived 5 minutes before the plane was scheduled to leave, and they KNEW the flight was late, and they KNEW when it landed (and there were several other people from other flights, too, who were in a similar situation), they, of course, did NOT hold the plane.

So, we stood. And stood. And waited. And waited. For 45 minutes. Without an apology or even an acknowledgment. Until, FINALLY, someone took us over to ANOTHER desk to rebook us-- guess she finally got tired of us standing there, having been told by the other woman to 'just sit down and we'll get to you," when we first got there. Um, no, I'm not sitting down, because then you'll totally forget we're here!!! So, FINALLY got rebooked on a flight FOUR AND A HALF HOURS LATER.

So, there we were. In Memphis. For FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. And, quickly discovered that there is almost NOTHING in the Memphis airport (shopping, eating) that is not OUTSIDE the security barriers. I was not ABOUT to go out and then have to stand in a security line for 2 hours and go through all that again. No WAY. I dislike the Memphis airport almost as much as I dislike Detroit. I will NEVER go through Memphis again, and will never fly Northwest again-- EVERY time I've flown them, something under THEIR control has gone wrong. I think we will from now on be flying direct into Louisville on Southwest and flying. Cheaper, nicer and a LOT less aggravation.

ANYWAY, of course the NEXT plane was late, too (so why not the one we were SUPPOSED to have been on?)... so, by the time we arrived home, it was a 12-hour trip, and then discovered that the luggage went to DETROIT. After waiting for almost 20 minutes for the luggage (because while they said the luggage from Memphis was going to be on a particular carousel, the sign AT the carousel had another flight number on it... so, I wasn't sure which luggage was actually going around and around. FINALLY found someone to ask, who said, "This is it. This is the Memphis flight." He WAS able to pinpoint WHERE the luggage went, but not WHY it went to Detroit. Nor when it would be THERE. Never got even a HINT of an apology.

Gave them the local address and phone number, never heard from them. Finally called them. "Oh, well, it wasn't on the flight we thought it would be on, but we have another flight coming in tonight at 11pm." Um, yeah, that flight NEVER flies. It almost ALWAYS gets cancelled. I know this, because I was supposed to be ON that flight a couple of times, and it was cancelled both times, AND several people who fly it frequently said they like to combine the flights if they don't have enough people on them. Anway, of course, it DIDN'T come. But I had to CALL THEM to find out. And they STILL didn't know where the luggage was. And they STILL didn't know WHY it went to Detroit. And they STILL didn't offer even a HINT of an apology.

FINALLY, on the THIRD day, I called again and was told it was actually here, and in the hands of a delivery company. Called them... "Um, why do you think we have it?" "Um, 'cause I was TOLD you did?" "Oh, yeah, but I can't leave right now, and the other guy is out making deliveries, so I'll call you and will bring it in a couple of hours when he gets back." Fast-forward to....

Six hours later, when I call them again. "OK, he's going to bring it out now." I actually did get ONE call from them. From the driver who couldn't find the house. Um, you go down this street, turn right on this street, an immediate left, and it's on the left. All fairly major streets. And you'd REALLY think that a company whose business it is to deliver things would have access to Mapquest or a GPS, wouldn't you? Anyway, he DOES call and says he can't find it, but I give him directions again, and he'll be there, or he'll call again. Of course, he doesn't.

When I call them AGAIN, "Our driver couldn't find it. Give me directions AGAIN." So I do-- the SAME ones. Which they don't seem to understand. "Does that street dead-end into a cul-de-sac?" "Um, yeah, if you go far enough, but you're going to turn an immediate left BEFORE that. " "OK, we'll call you."

You guessed it. They didn't. We DID, however, find the luggage on the front porch the next morning. ::SIGH:: Right under the doorbell. ::DOUBLE SIGH::

Well, at least it got there! WAY after Christmas!

Sis and her partner didn't come. They decided to spend Christmas this year with partner's family. Which I guess I can understand. But, Mom was REALLY upset by it, and for the first time in quite a while, I wondered if this might be our last Christmas with her. She seems to be holding her own, but she also seems to be having a harder time. That's really been on my mind lately-- I just can't imagine not having her around, being able to talk to her whenever I want (usually on the way home from work! Makes that LONG drive home bearable).

Her neighbor, K., was going to join us for Christmas dinner, and then she had a friend she was going to spend Christmas with. Mom invited her, too, but K. said that the friend really wanted to cook. She did come by to give us presents, and spent several hours talking.

Then on Saturday before I left, we went to an open house at the lady across the street's house. It was very nice, and I got to meet some people who've moved in since I left, or that I haven't seen since we were down there a couple of years ago to help with Mom's garage sale. I also got to meet the wife of the man who bought the other half of the duplex from my aunt. He's really nice, and she seems to be, too.... but this one is mostly for their kids who are in college, since it's near the university, so they don't spend a whole lot of time there.

So, it was quiet, we did some shopping, but not as much as usual. It WAS relaxing, which was nice, but just didn't seem like Christmas.

I didn't even do much decorating here. And what I DID do, I can't wait right now to take down. As soon as I feel better, I'm going to.

WHEW!! That was long-winded!!!!

Insurance companies AGAIN!!! :(

I finally feel well enough to talk about Christmas. Which I will do in a moment.

First, I have to say that the first time using my new BC/BS Rx insurance was NOT an auspicious one... I have a feeling that this may be even worse than Caremark, although I'll reserve judgement for the time being. The doc prescribed 12 antibiotic pills. They gave me, of course, the generic (I'm not going to quibble with antibiotics).... only, they would only authorize HALF of the script. For which I paid $10. I asked what I was supposed to do, and the guy said, 'Well, you could pay for the rest out of pocket." "How much will that cost?" "$57." FIFTY-SEVEN DOLLARS????? The six I got, including my co-pay and what they say the insurance company paid, only came to $25... so why, if I'm paying out of pocket, is it more than TWICE what they charge the insurance company?????? Makes NO sense.

Well, of course, there was no-one at the insurance company to explain this decision to me. So I have to try to find some time while at work on Monday (which is almost impossible, since I don't even get time for LUNCH) to try to call and argue with them. THEY should not be making medical decisions. THEY are not my doctor, and as everyone who has any knowledge of antibiotics knows, you HAVE to take ALL of them. ALL of them, or the infection will come back worse than ever. ::SIGH::

Meanwhile, I did get my cool little Visa card that will allow me to automatically debit my FSA account to pay for my scripts instead of asking for reimbursement. That's nice. Hopefully, it will save some money for me, since it's tax free funds that are put in there.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


It's a sinus infection! :( I am now waiting for them to fill an antibiotic script. Well, hopefully, this will make me feel better, 'cause right now, I'm not sure I could make it through an entire week. The doc heard that I had called in sick on Wednesday and Thursday and said, "Enough said!" I have NEVER called in sick two days in a row (except when I was in the hospital with an allergic reaction-- a BAD one-- over a year ago), so she knew it was bad... and knew it was a sinus infection before she even looked... took one look, said, "ICK!" and I walked out with a shiny new med to take. ::SIGH::

She's also after me to have a sleep study done, and was TICKED that they wouldn't do the glucose tolerance test and didn't bother to listen to the answering machine message which would have given them her cellphone number so they could contact her. Oh, well....

Friday, January 4, 2008

Damn airplanes......

and their germs!!! I started getting sick Tuesday afternoon, and by Wednesday, was laid low. REALLY low... by Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I was not sleeping and throwing up everything I ate. My sinuses hurt so badly I couldn't lay down and I literally got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep, mostly in 20 minute spurts. By last night, I was better (slept through most of the night), and although I'm still hacking and coughing up green gunk, I did go to work today, and managed to do pretty well... started getting a little tired by the afternoon, but made it through without any major problems, thank goodness! And, now, the weekend, where, despite the fact that I have not yet washed the clothes from my trip, the house is a total mess and the Christmas decorations aren't down, I'm going to REST!!! :) I'll do little bits here and there, and am going to the doc just to make sure that I don't have the flu or anything, but since I've recovered so substantially in the last day or so, I'm guessing not. Well, hey, I managed to hold it off, too, until after the holidays!!! Couldn't get really sick during the run of the show, now, could I?

Zicam works really well for me, but (and it may be because I don't take it as directed, but usually only a couple at a time), it usually only holds off the cold for me until it's more 'convenient' to get sick. LOL! But, fortunately, I don't tend to get many colds to begin with. Used to be, I'd get a cold every December, like clockwork.