Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lion King

So, my principal comes to me two or three weeks ago and says, "Do you have any Broadway connections?" Um, none that are going to get you tickets cheaper, that's for sure!!!! So, she asks me to see about tickets to The Lion King for sometime in May, as a graduation gift for some of the kids. OK. Fine. You couldn't have asked a little SOONER?

I never expected, however, to have such a ridiculously difficult time getting tickets for a show! It was unreal! You have to put in a request for tickets to the 3rd party company, wait for THEM to submit it to the box office, and wait for their response.... which takes 3-5 days. So, I submit. I get back a notification that tickets weren't available, but I should call to 'discuss other dates when tickets may be available.' So I call. To be told that they don't KNOW when tickets are available, they just submit the requests. So, I ask who DOES know what's available? The box office. Then how do I get in touch with the box office? You can't. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, he tells me 'if you have 20 days when your group can go, submit for all 20 days." So I do.... which takes ANOTHER 45 minutes.

And get a call the next day, asking WHY I did that... um, because I was TOLD to? So, STILL not knowing when tickets are available, he chooses 3 dates and says he'll submit those. So, we get a date that we can't use.

Meanwhile, I had actually GONE to the box office, to see if I could get some information directly from them... and they were EXTREMELY nice and helpful, but basically what I found out was that there was not much available where they would have the seats we needed together. ::SIGH::

Fortunately, the principal knew of a group that works specifically with school groups, so we did get tickets.... best deal we were going to find at this point. And I get to be the 'official guide' to NYC. LOL!!!!!!! I am really looking forward to it!!!! FINALLY.... who would have thought that it would be SUCH a huge deal? Anyway, now to find out about other things to see in NYC and where to take a group of kids to eat in close proximity to the theatre that would have food they will want to eat!!!!!

Joey is my Pal!!!!

Oh, it was wonderful!!! We drove to NYC, had a great dinner, and walked 14 blocks to the old Studio 54 (which is now the Roundhouse Theatre) to see Stockard Channing in Pal Joey.

How FABULOUS was she?! And the guy who played Joey, though I didn't know him, was JUST as fabulous. I am STILL trying to figure out how they made some of those quick changes, including one where they went from one side of the stage to the other and had a costume change before coming back out on stage within a minute..... we had a great time, stopped for cheesecake on the way back... didn't get home until 4 am, but I tell you, I did NOT want to leave. I HATE living here. Just LOVE New York so much.

We ARE moving to NYC. Gotta find a job and sell the house (and this is NOT the time to sell the house, but still......)