Friday, April 16, 2010

The Melting Pot restaurant

A fondue restaurant. NOT a success overall. The food is WAY too spicy, and I've never before had to pay to cook my own meal.

However, I DO have to say that the manager was AMAZING. He did absolutely everything in his power to make it as nice as possible, even to the point of bringing us more (unseasoned) meat.

We went to celebrate my sister's birthday. The staff did give her a birthday card, which was nice.

The first course was a cheese fondue, with bread, etc. to dunk. It was ok. The second course is a salad. The salad itself was GREAT. Unfortunately, they only have two or three choices of salad dressing, none of which my sis liked. She saved her salad to take home. I thought the Sweet and Tangy (reminiscent of a honey mustard) was decent.

Then came the meat. We figured we chose a meat. No, you get some chicken, some steak and some shrimp. As I'm allergic to shellfish, that limited what I could eat. The chicken was so spicy, it was almost inedible. They brought us all kinds of sauces, none of which any of us liked.... even the tempura batter was spicy. UGH. When he heard the problem, the manager did go back and bring us unseasoned meat. Which was very nice, and OH, so much better!! I honestly had never heard of a place where you choose a 'broth' and cook the meat. We chose an oil and a chicken stock-type broth. Unfortunately, you had to cook one or two pieces at a time, and it was pretty greasy.

Finally, the dessert. A chocolate fondue, with a platter of fruits, brownies, rice krispie treats, etc. to be dunked. I actually just preferred the fruit plain. They did bring my sister an extra plate of goodies with a candle in it to celebrate her birthday. Which was very nice.

AND, they didn't kick us out at 10 when they closed... we had no idea it was so late until we left at 10:30.

So, the food-- ugh. I really wouldn't care to go back to eat.

But the staff-- AWESOME.