Friday, January 4, 2008

Damn airplanes......

and their germs!!! I started getting sick Tuesday afternoon, and by Wednesday, was laid low. REALLY low... by Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I was not sleeping and throwing up everything I ate. My sinuses hurt so badly I couldn't lay down and I literally got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep, mostly in 20 minute spurts. By last night, I was better (slept through most of the night), and although I'm still hacking and coughing up green gunk, I did go to work today, and managed to do pretty well... started getting a little tired by the afternoon, but made it through without any major problems, thank goodness! And, now, the weekend, where, despite the fact that I have not yet washed the clothes from my trip, the house is a total mess and the Christmas decorations aren't down, I'm going to REST!!! :) I'll do little bits here and there, and am going to the doc just to make sure that I don't have the flu or anything, but since I've recovered so substantially in the last day or so, I'm guessing not. Well, hey, I managed to hold it off, too, until after the holidays!!! Couldn't get really sick during the run of the show, now, could I?

Zicam works really well for me, but (and it may be because I don't take it as directed, but usually only a couple at a time), it usually only holds off the cold for me until it's more 'convenient' to get sick. LOL! But, fortunately, I don't tend to get many colds to begin with. Used to be, I'd get a cold every December, like clockwork.

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