Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Okay, I'm from Kentucky. I don't DO cold. I ESPECIALLY do not do SINGLE-DIGIT cold! Someone PLEASE take me out of the freezer!!!!!!

OMG, I could feel the cold coming through the windows! Now, yes, I know that this means the windows and the insulation suck and need to be replaced (and they're about 10th on the list!), but STILL!! And the poor little heat pump had no heat to pump!!!! No going outside Saturday or Sunday-- TOO BLOODY COLD! Had to go out yesterday to do things like get FOOD, little things like that. At least it had warmed up a LITTLE.

Then, today, having to go back after a 3-day weekend was SO painful. And I was informed that TODAY I was going to be observed. (ACK!). .... come to find out when I got to work, the heat had gone out. They had had it fixed, but after 3 days of single-digit lows, my room? Which is usually 85 degrees? And has no windows? Was probably about 50. BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually, I wear short sleeves because otherwise I would literally burn up!!!! I did not today because it was just TOO cold outside-- and thank goodness, or I'd be sick again already.

It didn't start to warm up until the end of the school day on that side of the building, so I ended up in the cafeteria with three other classes, trying to teach, and constantly saying, "Oh, I forgot to bring......." ARGH! Welcome to the week! It actually went pretty well, considering... and I think the observation went well... my two are the hardest to handle (not behavior-wise, but academics-wise) were absent. Which made getting through the less a bit smoother. Those two are my favorite kids, but they do require more attention and often redirection/help, which impedes the flow of the lesson. So, although I want them there every other day, it was nice to be able to have the lesson flow with observers there.

And, I didn't realize how cold I was until I walked into the cafeteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, it was nice and warm in there! :) If a bit noisy! Although I have to say that the kids did a very nice job dealing with that, and by after lunch, there were only two of us there (the building on the side closest to the cafeteria had started warming up more quickly), and then that wasn't an issue.

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