Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wakey, Wakey!!!

Ever been awakened in the middle of the night? By knocking on the door? Know how your heartrate just SPIKES?! Well, that happened last night. Got out of bed, and walked slowly and quietly down the stairs, after hearing the knocking over and over again for several minutes... just when I would think it was over, after a pause, it would start again. When I got downstairs, I could tell that it was not knocking on MY door, but on the house next door. WHEW!!! Waited a while, and thought AGAIN that it was over (heard the screen door close), but just as I got back into bed and started to calm down a little, it started again. At that point, I was just annoyed. I guess they got tired and went away eventually-- me, I turned the radio up. It's SO hard to go back to sleep once you're fully awake!!!!

I know I've been remiss on my 365 posts... am going to try to start again today.

I'm feeling a LOT better, but the house is still a mess, and I don't feel much like doing a whole lot. I did go to Target and the grocery store yesterday. Spent $60 at Target, 'cause I was out of almost EVERYTHING-- toilet tissue, scot towels, kleenex, detergent... ARGH! Now, not so much anymore, fortunately!

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