Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tom Cruise

Have you seen the video? Okay, I've noticed the wackiness over the last few years, and noticed that his acting was REALLY affected (I mean, seriously, War of the Worlds? He was outacted by an 8 year old who was given nothing to do but SCREAM. He was AWFUL, and the only reason I didn't walk out was because I was with other people and I didn't drive to the theatre that night).

But, now? After watching the movie? I'm truly frightened by him. He's certifiably crazy and has lost the ability to form a coherent or cogent thought or sentence, apparently. How can ANYONE talk for over 9 minutes and make not ONE intelligible statement?

And Katie? She is now officially a Stepford Wife. Did you see her on Letterman? If you didn't, Youtube it. That was THE most boring interview I've ever seen. While he appeared to be spontaneous, she appeared to have rehearsed every single answer. It was just kind of creepy. I used to really like her, too, and think she was a good actor... based on the clip he showed of her upcoming movie, she, too, has lost the mojo... and they want their 2-year-old to be an actor, too? Because she's an 'artist'?? At TWO??????????????????? GMAFB!


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Becca said...

i so agree, they are weirdness personified