Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a wimp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Secret, my little orange tabby? The one whose photo I snapped when she decided to become part of the Christmas decorations?

Well, she came to me as a stray on the street. One day I was going to work, and had to park a couple of blocks away. She trotted up to me, and then followed me to the building, until someone scared her away. I thought that was the last I'd see of her, until I came out to go home, and found her chilling underneath my car. Yup, she walked back there and waited for me to come back. Then when I opened the door, she jumped in and rode home on my lap... so I didn't have much of a choice, right?

Only, she still would LIKE to be an outdoor kitty. There for a while, she had kind of given up on the idea and stopped trying to sneak out-- until a couple of weeks ago, when she had a GREAT time leading me on a merry chase after her, trotting off with her tail held high when I got close, sniffing and just having a blast until she decided she'd had enough and let me carry her back in....

Once she got a taste of it again, she decided she remembered what she liked about it... only the next time she got out, the weather wasn't NEARLY so nice.... it was snowing/sleeting... so she made a beeline for the nearest car and would NOT come out. Every time she stuck her nose out and felt the snow/sleet, she just looked at me and mewed pitifully. SUCH A WIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never heard her meow in such a pitiable way.... every time her little precious fur got a little wet!! FINALLY, she let me pick her up, get her out from under the car and get her under my coat to go inside.

I guess I'll have to keep her! ;)


Becca said...

I wrote about my (former) orange tabby today too. they are very self centered and picky cats but they love HARD

Actorgirl said...

OK, hopefully this will appear on the right post!

Yes, they most certainly ARE, but I couldn't ask for a more 'loving' kitty-- she likes nothing better than to be on my shoulder when I'm sitting at the computer or watching television!

And, in her defense, even though she was only about 6 months old, she was a WONDERFUL MomCat.