Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have you ever......

volunteered to do something, and it ended up being a LOT more than you intended??????????

After the 3 shows back-to-back, and 2 films, I decided I needed a little bit of a break. I thought January was going to BE that break, since in Feb., I'll most likely be teaching SAT prep some Saturdays.

Except G. was stagemanaging a show, and I said I'd help out... I'm figuring I'll be back stage, helping out a few shows, on the weekends, after they open. Well... not so much. More like being there for two solid weeks until midnight, running the boards, and ending up stage managing! ACK!!

Not that I mind, really, I am enjoying it. BUT, sleep deprivation is MAJORLY catching up with me!!!!
Now that the run has started, there are 3 of us, so we are rotating shows (which is nice because it means I don't have to be there for every show, but kind of defeats the purpose of DOING this, which was to spend time with G! LOL!). So, today I'm trying to catch up on some stuff around here, get some rest, and find the @*%@)(% script I had to buy of Glass Menagerie (even though I already HAD it but couldn't find it) and now THIS one has disappeared! ARGH! I need it for a monologue for a class I'm taking (with the director from the show I'm stage managing now). Which was supposed to have started last Monday, but the weather was so bad, only three of us showed up , so he postponed it. Which was good, except I still haven't been able to find it... and do not want to spend ANOTHER $10 on it!

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