Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy, Lazy!!!!

Well, I guess not REALLY, but it sure feels like it!!!! Worked yesterday, so had to get up early. SAT prep, which I actually don't mind doing, but it's a LONG morning. Once I got home, I got so involved in reading blogs (and sort of catching up on mine), I didn't do a whole lot after work!!!

And then we lost an hour of sleep last night..ARGH! Woke up at 8:30, feeling like a slug, and realized it's REALLY 7:30... which, granted is late (especially for me), but not THAT late!! Maybe I'll actually not wake up at 4:00 for a while, hoping to get back to sleep! I'm not sure this Daylight Savings Time is a good thing... especially so EARLY in the year... everything seems to be rushed this year, coming before it's 'supposed to.' Lent, Easter-- rushing Spring!

Now, I should be doing all the things I was SUPPOSED to do yesterday. 4 hours of SAT just really takes it out of me, and I don't have much energy to do a whole lot the rest of the day.

Off to enjoy more of the blog party!! :)

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