Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fun, fun, fun!!!

We went to see Bolt today... just a FABULOUS movie!! Really well-done and a lot of fun.

Tonight, we're going to see The Sisters Rosenzweig-- I can't wait... I LOVE Wendy Wasserstein!!!!! We were going to go to C's house and watch The Secret, but we're going to wait until January when another girl from the cast can join us. :)

Trying also to get the house cleaned up a bit and will need to do some work for work tomorrow-- this weekend has gone by SOOOO fast. After? We went to Golden Corral... and all of a sudden, I hear, "Ms. XXXXX! Ms. XXXXXX!!!" And, there, big as life, was one of my kids. One of my favorite kids, but it's my time OFF!! LOL!! He's such a sweetie, though.. so we talked for a minute. He didn't seem thrilled with his Thanksgiving. :( Oh, well, we all needed a break anyway.

Tomorrow, Sis is coming up and she may take my old car. I took it and got it cleaned yesterday. Still need to get the oil changed and new windshield wipers. If she doesn't want to keep it after she drives it, she'll take it down to Mom... thing is, it's got over 100,000 miles on it....

I STILL have to deal with the insurance on my BRAND NEW car. Parked on the street last week, and someone trying to pull out apparently didn't make it and cracked the bumper and the tail light... ::SIGH:: I'm STILL pissed. AND I'm going to have to pay for it BIG time. :(

Anyway, we'll probably go out to eat.

I need to work on my lines, too.... BIG time-- before Monday. We took pics last Monday, and I need to get my bio to M tonight, too.... so not a whole lot of rest this weekend, but some time to get some stuff done that I might not have gotten done otherwise.

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend!!

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