Monday, February 4, 2008


I don't know how many of you have followed this, but the Westboro Baptist 'Church' (and I use the term church VERY loosely), which is composed of Fred Phelps and his family, has made a habit of protesting outside of funerals. They started with 'known' homosexuals and progressed to our returning soldiers. They yell, scream obscenities, say and have placards reading such things as "Thank God for dead soldiers," etc. Can they go any lower? Well, yes, yes they can.

A family was killed over Christmas in Ohio by a drunk driver. FIVE members of the family were killed, including four children and their mother. The WBC decided, instead of maybe picketing and protesting the COURT APPEARANCE of the DRUNK DRIVER, that it would be more moral to protest and picket the funeral of those CHILDREN and their MOTHER.

If you don't know the full evil that is these people, google WBC and go to their website. I refuse to put it on my blog, but you can find it easily. Just seriously BEWARE, because you will be assaulted by evil. In fact, according to them, all lawyers are going to Hell, even though most of them ARE lawyers... ???? Yet, they are the only ones who know the truth that God HATES. And their purpose is to spread that message-- yes, God hates YOU, no matter who you are.

Anyway, FINALLY the family of a service member sued them, for defamation and libel for what they said, and for interrupting their son's funeral. And they won. $11m. HALLELUJAH! And were determined to bankrupt the church to get the money-- hopefully to shut them down and gain ownership of the property.

However, the judge today reduced the award-- cut it in HALF. $5m will NOT bankrupt these people, it won't even put a DENT in what they do. I am absolutely disgusted and appalled at this judge. I guess our only hope for justice is for other families to sue them as well, and win. Perhaps MULTIPLE judgments will do the trick.

WBC is also still appealing the verdict. I hope and pray that THAT does not get overturned. $5m is at least SOMETHING and it says to everyone (except, apparently, THEM) that they do NOT have the right to do this to other human beings.

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Becca said...

yeah I don't get these people at all...they make me very sad