Thursday, February 21, 2008


When is February going to END? It has never been my favorite month (in fact, I'd be more than happy to just skip it!)... the only good thing about it is that it's usually short... but this year, it even has an extra day!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

And, tonight, more February weather-- snow and then a lovely ice coating on top of it. YUCK!

Well, maybe we'll get a day off, and I'll get to sleep in tomorrow (and actually get the house in some sort of shape!).

Meanwhile, I went after work today to the local professional theatre. I'm going to be a volunteer there (you get to see the shows for free, and it sounds like a LOT of fun!)... I'm also hoping that when they have their auditions for the next season, I'll have a bit of an 'in' to get an audition.... I can only hope! At the very least, I'll have some fun! :)

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