Sunday, December 7, 2008

The weekend

Have you ever had a friend who keeps you on the phone... for HOURS? And not that you mind, but you'd like to get some sleep sometime? I have a friend who is like that... and we've been talking on the phone a lot lately, because she's been going through some real crap. Not ordinary crap, but 'Can we just go back and start the whole month over?" kinda stuff... but we were on the phone until THREE O'CLOCK in the morning... and this is not the only night-- twice this last week, we were on the phone until at least midnight..... and I have to get up at 5:30.... ::SIGH::

This last week was ROUGH. We are having a Faculty Choir for our Christmas show at school, and we had a rehearsal.. that I don't mind. And we had our faculty Christmas lunch on Friday-- and I was actually near home, so that was cool, too. We went to Olive Garden, and it really wasn't all that good. :( But, anyway....

THIS week, however, is going to be even worse, because it's tech week. Starting tonight, every single night until next weekend, when we have Opening Night, 2 shows on Saturday and one on Sunday. It was the birthday of one of the kids in the show, so we had cupcakes.. really cool.

Got the Christmas tree up, and some of the other decorations up, so it's starting to look at least a LITTLE like Christmas...... :)

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