Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Disgusted, Disheartened and Disillusioned

This is a very sad day. The day when it was proven that votes don't mean anything. When a few people can arbitrarily decide which rules to follow and which ones not to, which votes to count and which ones not to, and who can on a whim tell voters who voted for ONE candidate and give them to another.

I am ashamed to say I WAS a Democrat. A group of people who figure they can ignore more than half of the voters' wishes, who can disregard their votes if they choose. A group of people who crown a candidate and do whatever they need to do to manipulate the process so that he is the nominee.

I can not in good conscience vote for someone who is a liar, who contradicts himself on major positions, who has not a CLUE about foreign policy, who hasn't paid his dues, who has shown no leadership, and who has NOTHING to recommend him to the office of president.

And Obama cannot win in November with half of the party having been dismissed and disrespected.

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