Saturday, April 5, 2008

Where is spring?????

Why is spring ALWAYS just knock-me-on-my-butt busy? ALWAYS.

WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, the first week of April is done. Thank GOODNESS!!! We still have 7 weeks (and an observation, and standardized testing) to go!

The end of the year is already in full swing. We are preparing for end-of-year testing, graduation, etc. The spring program is coming up, so the music teacher was working with them on that.

Next Saturday will be SAT prep again. I honestly don't mind, I just hate getting up at O'dark 30 on a SATURDAY.

Mom got us an umbrella and deck furniture... yes, we've been using plain white plastic chairs (kiddy-chairs, she calls them-- they are NOT!-- and she refuses to sit in them anymore when she visits!!!) and the built-in bench (which, admittedly, goes the entire width of the deck, so not shabby). The deck is BLISTERING, though, because it gets the afternoon sun-- will be nice to have an umbrella to block some of the sun, that's for sure! My sis brought them home in her van (she's been dropping off their puppy for some Grandma time while they've been on the road), so now we have to drive two hours to go get them..... when they're actually HOME.

Meanwhile, where is spring?! We've had one or two really nice days, and the rest have been cold and/or rainy. UGH! More rain tonight-- in fact, we've had some SERIOUS wind and are supposed to have major thunderstorms tonight. UGH! again.....

the bushes outside need to be trimmed, the yard needs to be cleaned up, and it's too bloody cold or wet on the few days we're home to actually DO it. Maybe tomorrow. ::SIGH::

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