Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Three Weeks in October

Today is the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the DC Sniper killings. Hard to believe it's been 5 years. I remember how terrifying it was-- going to bed wondering when the next killing would happen, waking up and turning on the news to hear. How much worse it got when a few days would go by, because you knew it wasn't over and you could only wonder where they were and where they would strike next.

Afraid to stop and get gas-- and looking all around the ENTIRE time, and ONLY doing it when you hit empty. Being afraid to take your bags to the car. Meeting the kids at the bus and walking them in as quickly as possible, them not being able to go outside for recess or gym, or anything else. The classes in the portables had to move inside (where there was no room, which was why they had been in the portables in the FIRST place!). I remember how unbelievable it was that they would actually target and shoot a THIRTEEN year old AT SCHOOL, and the worry of the teachers that OUR kids would be next. I remember the amazing relief when they were caught, but still not quite being able to believe it was over for several days. How I shook when I read after they were caught just how close they were to our school (within a few miles), and how they were looking particularly for schools to target.

And I just heard on the news today that one of them called the family of one of the victims last month to apologise.... ::shudder:: Just the THOUGHT! And the thought of what they were planning and what they could have done had they not been stopped.

Something no-one around here will EVER forget.... Three Weeks in October.

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