Friday, October 19, 2007

Another one bites the dust!

HOW has this week passed so quickly?! Every day this week, there's been a problem with the traffic. ARGH!! So, it's been very stressful getting to work-- I'm surprised with all that, that it's gone so quickly... guess when you're so busy you don't have time to think, time goes by fast!!!! My kids went to the pumpkin farm today, though, so it was a nice, quiet day. :)

Went to rehearsal Wednesday night-- first readthrough.. .it was a LOT of fun... EXCEPT for the fact that the first FIVE meter things I went to were out of order, which meant that by the time I found someplace to park (and it was raining, for the first time in WEEKS, although not a hard rain, more just enough to make the roads slick) and found a meter that actually WORKED, and walked BACK to where I'd parked the car, I was late... ::SIGH:: I think it's a good cast and I think it's going to be a LOT of fun. He requested we be off book by next week... uh, yeah. Sure. Anything you say!!! I have already done some work, but need to record by tomorrow so I can listen and learn while driving... see, there's SOME use for being in a car for 2 hours/day!!!!

Speaking of rehearsal, on the way there the engine light came on.... had me worried, but I stopped and tightened the gas cap, as I thought it might have come loose in all the AWFUL roads I have to drive on... I mean, seriously could make you black and blue! Says it takes one driving trip if that's the cause for the light to go off. So, I waited a while, and the next time I started it, it went off after about 5 minutes and hasn't been on again since. Thank goodness! I was REALLY stressing about if it might cause some damage to the engine, being as I drive so much each day (minimum of about 45 miles, often more), and trying to figure out when I could take it in as my weekends for the next month are pretty full, and wondering how I was going to pay for whatever might have to be fixed, and how long it would take..... I hope that's all it was. If it comes on again, guess I'll have to deal.

And it actually rained today!!! I mean, seriously rained! We are about 10 inches below where we should be, rain-wise... but I still wish it wouldn't rain until the roof is fixed!

There was some VERY severe weather last night near my mom's house. Called her today, but no answer. So will call back tomorrow, just to make sure she's ok. I think she gets tired of my calling so much while on my way home, but I get SO bored during that long drive every day, and she gets upset when I call her when I'm at home and I'm 'multitasking.' I can't HELP but multitask, but she thinks my attention should be SOLELY on what she's saying.

Halloween decorations are up all over. I just can't BELIEVE how fast the time has come. Mom keeps asking every time I talk to her if I have my ticket yet. I had told her we needed to make a decision about who was going where for Christmas within the next week or two, so I keep telling her, "I still have another week!!!!!!"

I could not find paper luminarias, so I got metal ones, which are pretty cool, but I'm afraid to put them out before Halloween.. maybe next weekend. We'll see.

Have been listening to what's going on with oil prices and with the stock market, and it's freaking scary! I keep telling myself that it will recover, but somehow this time I'm not so sure that it will... not anytime soon, anyway. If oil prices continue to stay where they are (or go higher) and Bush pushes his war with Iran, and/or if Turkey ends up going into Iraq, we are all going to be in some serious trouble.


KentuckyGal said...

OOOH, what play are you doing??? :)

Actorgirl said...

Hey, cool that you stopped by!!!

Right now, I'm doing, "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." It's one of my favorite kids books and I like the interpretation of the play. So far, it's a lot of fun!!!