Monday, October 15, 2007

Damn this traffic jam!

Did I mention that I HATE to drive? Especially long distances? ESPECIALLY in the traffic of one of the WORST congested areas in the COUNTRY? With one of the longest average commutes???? ARGH! Today there were six-- count 'em, SIX-- different major accidents all over the area (almost all of the major roads) and I sat in what was essentially a 12-mile backup, in which we never got above 20mph, and even then not for long..... an hour and a HALF (actually, a bit longer) for what SHOULD have taken 45 minutes, even in normal rush hour traffic.

AND I had to stop at the grocery store again because somehow the milk and cottage cheese got knocked behind the MOUNDS of work stuff in my car and ended up out there all night. So, I had to go and get more. I am SO exhausted!!!! And now I will not get the things done that I had planned.... which makes me even less happy. It would be a WHOLE different thing if I could ride the train like I did when I lived in London, and I could read a book or the paper (or even do work) on the way, and not worry about when I was going to get there, or what accidents there would be-- last year, I kept track... except for 2 days, for NINE STRAIGHT WEEKS there was an accident every single day, often morning AND afternoon... I HATE never knowing how long it's going to take to get somewhere, or how much time you should leave. I hate even worse being late. And the problem is that if there's an accident on the main road, the other routes are JUST as bad with all the people trying to avoid it.

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