Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Well, to start with, didn't get to go to fencing today anyway. I was SWAMPED with work, and by 4:00, just knew that if I left to go to fencing, I'd be there REALLY late finishing up. So, I just kept working and was able to get out of there by 5, with the room looking NOT like a hurricane had hit it! Thank goodness!

So, we'll have to wait 'til next week to find out if the mask is causing the problem.

Anyway, got a phone call today at work-- I was cast in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did NOT think I'd get the role I did. Another woman was at the audition (well, several others), and I thought for SURE that she would get that role. I thought I'd probably get a different one, and was looking forward to working with her-- I HOPE she got a role!!! She seemed like a really fun person! And very nice--even offered me a ride to my car when we walked out of the auditions, 'cause it had started raining. Being as we haven't had any rain for a MONTH, just about, it was a good thing, but we had no reason to think it would start then... and my car was two blocks away (in the rain and the DARK). So, she was very nice! The director seems really cool. It will all depend on who the kids are that he cast.... I mean, after all, you know the saying, "Never work with kids or animals!" They will ALWAYS upstage you! :) Seriously, I usually don't like to do shows with a lot of kids in them... I deal with them all day, and really don't want to have to go and deal with them at NIGHT, when they're tired, cranky and hungry and we need to get WORK done. So, that's going to be important. First read-through on Wednesday. I can't wait!!!!!

Now, the bad news. We don't close until Dec. 23. Which means that if we go home for Christmas, it will be late on the 23rd or early on the 24th. Not so bad, I guess. Or, Mom may come here. Don't know that I really want her to come here, though... the house is never good enough, and I hate her to see it (she even said, "That's why you don't want me to come, isn't it?" Um, YEAH, but I'm not going to tell HER that!). I told her, if you come, you're more than welcome, but you'll be here all day without a car (not so good), no bathroom on the main floor, and do NOT expect the house to be really clean!!! But, she wants to see a show-- she's not seen one really since I was in college. When the last movie I was in comes out on DVD, she can see that, but the shows I've got copies of are mostly on video, so she hasn't seen them, and hasn't gotten to see any in person, so I kinda would like her to get a chance to see this one. We'll have to see. But, we really have to make a decision within the next week or two to get a decent rate. Unfortunately, where she lives is 'the end of the line,' so you don't tend to get bargains, but from what I'm hearing, things are filling up quickly and prices are WAY up. I figure that flying early on the 24th, there won't be that many people flying-- I HOPE!

Dinner, tonight, since I was so late getting home, it was 'mcmuffin pizzas.' :) Take a couple of whole wheat English muffins/person, spread them with a good tomato sauce, (fat free for me) mozzarella cheese, whatever other toppings you want (for me, pineapple. I LOVE pineapple!), and bake at 400 for about 15 minutes. YUM! And HEALTHY, if you don't put a lot of meat on them!

Well, I'm off to enjoy the cool weather (down 20 degrees from yesterday!)... it finally feels like fall. I thought the kids were going to be trick-or-treating in their shorts!!!!!

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