Monday, October 29, 2007


Now, fall has hit! BIG time!! Had to scrape off the windshield this morning!! Went back over to J's after work-- they should be back later on this evening... poor Daisy (the kitty) was SO lonely!!

Gotta work on scripts for this weekend's workshop, and memorize my lines for tomorrow's rehearsal! ACK!!! Just so much to do right now!

P called and wanted me to come to the Synagogue this weekend. They're having a speaker and someone who's going to give free flu shots.. which actually would be a good thing. She's going to try to get J to come to get hers-- she works with the public and is SO susceptible. It would be a good thing; hopefully, she will.

Have to get the hose in and turn off the outside water before it REALLY gets cold, although they said it's not going to get quite as cold for the week. But, I'm going to try to do it anyway. I even left work early this afternoon because I really needed to get to Target and the grocery, since this weekend was a total loss as far as doing much around the house. Didn't have any candy for the kids for Wed... and on Wed, I'll have to leave work early, too, to get home and get ready for the trick-or-treaters... they're not supposed to come until 6, but the little ones often come starting at around 4!!!! I won't be home quite that early, but I hope by 5, I'll be ready if they come. Halloween is always so nice, because we all get to sit out on the porches and talk.

And, YAY, the Sox won!!!! I'm not a big baseball fan, but I can't STAND the Yankees. Their fans are just SO rude and disrespectful when they come here. So, I was glad they lost, and I have friends from Boston, and I like to listen to WBZ at night a lot, so I have a fondness for Boston, so I was glad the Sox won.. however, I was kinda rooting for the Rockies, and wish they'd won at least one game. But, what a deal, to have made it to the World Series! That's quite an accomplishment in itself!!!

I keep wondering where the weeks are going... before I know it, another week has started-- I turn around and that week is OVER! It's getting more and more depressing.

I am hoping to have the roof done by Thanksgiving, and then have most of the house painted over Christmas vacation (it needs it badly!), so that I can have new carpet put in the basement (right now, it's the cheap, disgusting individual square stuff that's just AWFUL), and I want wood (laminate) floors in the living/dining room... but I want the basement painted and there's a couple of places in the drywall and/or ceilings that need to be fixed, as well. That probably wouldn't happen until spring. Cross your fingers!!!!

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