Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!!!!

And fairies, and princesses, and Freddys and 'Scream' guys and football players, and Supermen and Spidermen and cheerleaders and people with just strange makeup, and some who came, I guess as 'themselves.' :)

Because DST is still in effect, it didn't get good and dark until 6:30, and even the little ones, who usually start out around 4:30 didn't come out until after it was dark. By 6:30, I was getting kind of worried, 'cause there had only been about 4 trick-or-treaters, but never fear... once it got dark, they came in droves! The weather couldn't have been better!! Up to the 70s during the day, and while they were trick-or-treating, it was probably in the low 60s.... BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sun was so bright, it was such a clear day, and the leaves have begun to turn, which makes the hour-long drive each way worth it!!!!!!!

And an hour and a half and 200 pieces of candy later (and yes, they were limited to one piece), the bowl was empty, we had sat on the porch and talked to each other, I got to see M's new granddaughter (absolutely BEAUTIFUL baby!!), and it was time to turn out the light. A short Halloween (and WHEN will I learn I need more candy?! I stopped counting last year at 170!), but a great one!!!!

Had even more fun when the porch light burnt out (scared me to death), got to scare one of the trick-or-treaters when I came out from the dark, DESPERATELY wanted to get outside... so a big chunk of that hour and a half was spent chasing one of them around the bushes and the fence outside!

I was afraid she was going to get scared by some of the kids or the dogs around here and would run off somewhere where I couldn't find her. Once I got her back inside for good (for the third time), she CONTINUED to meow, begging to come outside again. I FINALLY threatened to put her downstairs where there's a door that can be shut, and that shut her up for quite a while. Who says cats don't understand English? ;)

I don't understand why they were so scared of the people this year-- they never have been before, but this year, they got the wild look in their eyes and just took off!!!!!! Especially when one little girl just walked right in the house, 'cause she wanted to pet them. Poor mom was mortified and came chasing after her. Meanwhile, I chased down one of the cats so the little girl could pet her. Secret wiggled and tried valiantly to get away, but I held her, and the little girl did pet her, gently and tenderly. They were SO incensed and insulted when I did that, and when I grabbed them and put them back inside every time they got out... it was hilarious!! But then they would sit by the door, watching and sniffing and meowing to come out. I knew they'd be scared to death, though!

And, now, I've just finished watching the Halloween episode of Journeyman, which just gets better and better every week!!!!!!!

I love Halloween!!!!! :) I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!!!!!

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