Friday, November 2, 2007

....And so it begins....

WGA has decided to strike. This is going to impact pilot season BIG time. The studios are so greedy.... the agreement they have right now with regards to dvds, downloads, etc... all the 'new' media... was reached in the 1980s, LONG before they had the impact they have now. Yet ANOTHER indication that studios (and thus the entertainment industry) are now run by 'suits' who care ONLY about the bottom line, and couldn't care LESS about the creativity or the quality of the product.

The last time this happened, they mad reruns of old shows (like Dark Shadows)... just reused scripts. Not going to happen this time... the entire sets are going to be shut down.

And whatever the agreement is with WGA is going to impact the negotiations with SAG and determine whether we actors strike this summer. I can only hope this is a very short strike. As both an actor and someone who loves tv and movies. ::SIGH::

Me, I have to worry about the workshop tomorrow... I REALLY want to nail these scenes and hope that she will call me for pilot season (if there IS one at this point!)..... or have some good advice on how to take my career to the next stage. Not to mention improve my booking rate re: film/tv. And, most of all, I think it will be fun!!!!!

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