Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am SO exhausted. Rehearsal was really late last night-- we have only a month and the last two scenes just weren't gelling, so we stayed and worked.

Then, today was parent conferences.... and although I like the chance to talk to the parents, and I had a LOT show up, I didn't get out of there 'til 7 (so a 12-hour day on top of over an hour to get there and almost an hour home). So, it was VERY hectic, and no time for dinner until I got home, so I am just beat.

I know I haven't done my 365 for the last couple of days. I'm going to add a few extras tomorrow to catch up. I just am too tired to think tonight, and it takes a lot of thought to distill the life of someone important to me (and my memories of them) into just a few words... I really didn't think it would be as hard as it is... but I am really enjoying it. It's allowing me to relive and really making me think about what made them important.

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