Saturday, November 24, 2007

Adventures in Verizonland......

I went to the Verizon store today to have my contact info and photos transferred from the old phone to the new phone. As I walk in, 3 guys are walking out. The girl working there (alone) starts looking at something and then walks quickly to the door-- she then walks even more quickly to the back room. Seems that those three guys stole a Blackberry PDA phone she had been showing them. Also turns out they had stolen things from her before at another job (and, most likely, from lots of other people as well), and she caught a glimpse of them running behind the shopping center up to some apartments behind it. Apartments that are not known for being a 'good' place to be, if you know what I mean. And there is no way ANYONE should be working alone, I don't care where you are.

Security is called (but arrive before they are notified, which was interesting-- they got a phone call as they were standing there, telling them to go there). She also called her boss and the police, who were presumably coming soon.

Anyway, she did, although a bit shook up, manage to transfer my contacts to the new phone fairly quickly. Now, I just have to figure out how not to lose my photos, 'cause I'll be very upset if I do, and I only have a few days to get the old phone back to Verizon before they charge me. She gave me a Verizon web address, but I'm wondering how much money it will cost me to 'send' my pics there!

I can't figure out how to use the usb cable I spent $40 for to download them, either... ::SIGH::

Anyway, very weird... and I really didn't pay much attention to them as they walked out, and only saw them for a couple of seconds, so I have no idea what they look like. She has a good idea who they are, though-- and, they, most likely, are already in jail. I mean, seriously, how stupid can you be? If they activate the phone, it will lead the police directly TO them, and if they sell it and the person who buys it activates it, it will lead the police directly to THAT person... and my guess? They are not going to go to jail for someone else.

Otherwise, it has been a pretty nice, relaxing weekend so far, overall... gotta work on my lines this afternoon, for sure! Do a little bit of cleaning, and maybe watch some "Psych" that L. left for me. I haven't seen much of it, but what I've seen has been REALLY funny!!!

Also went to the grocery, but DAG, it's COLD out there!! Don't want to spend any more time out there than necessary!!! And took some winter coats to a dry cleaner that's close by. They DESPERATELY need cleaning.... $16/coat, and they won't be ready 'til Friday. Don't think I'll be going back there again! But, hey, I was already there, it's close and I was feeling lazy!

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