Monday, November 5, 2007

Where are we.......

and why are we in this handbasket??

WHAT is happening? It seems that just in the last week or so, the whole world is suddenly collapsing. We have the situation in Pakistan, where at least 1500 people have been arrested for DARING to protest the martial law imposed by a dictator they didn't ask for... and Bush's response is, "I would hope he would take off his uniform." @@ I mean, seriously????? What the heck is THAT about? And he's STILL giving him aid and STILL says this person (absolutely not any better than Saddam Hussein) is a 'partner in the war on terror.' ::SIGH::

Gas prices have jumped THIRTY CENTS in just the last couple of weeks-- and they say it is only going to go higher-- another 20 cents or more! Very worrisome, especially with the SEVENTY FIVE percent increase in electricity costs in the last couple of years, and now they're asking for MORE! That apparently just wasn't enough!

And, now, the writer's strike, which is actually hitting much closer to home right now. With my friends in the Guild who are being hit hard by this immediately, it worries me, with the SAG contract coming up soon, and the possibility that SAG may go out sooner in support of the WGA, this could last for a LONG, LONG time. We're talking through the fall of next year. Last time, it was 22 weeks... that's going to impact me and a LOT of my friends. :*( But, the thing is that the WGA is NOT asking for unreasonable concessions, and SAG is going to be asking for the same for us actors. If they don't get it, neither will we. But, this is going to devastate a LOT of people, not just writers, actors, directors, etc.... but all of the tech crews, the catering crews, and everyone else who supplies goods or services to the film/television industry. All over the COUNTRY. But, the producers are acting like they're asking for the moon, and as if THEY have been SO accommodating. PLEASE. They never even made a COUNTER proposal to the proposal of EIGHT LOUSY CENTS per DVD. HOW is that asking for something unreasonable??? And if it is, why not make a counter? That IS what negotiating is supposed to be about, isn't it?

I'm truly starting to get a little scared about the future...... may God truly bless us right now, and protect us from our own mistakes.

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