Saturday, November 3, 2007

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Well, she most certainly did help!!!! I think she gave me the key, and I hope I can do what she wants me to do!!!!! She helped a lot, and was very positive... but she told me that my headshot was 'REALLY, REALLY bad," and not to send it out to anyone... I knew it wasn't great, but I didn't think it was HORRIBLE. Oh, well... off to NY I will be. I didn't want to spend that much money, but it will be worth it to FINALLY have a headshot I can get work from.

I spent as much on my first ones several years ago (not including hair and makeup) as a couple of names I've been given, so I guess it will be worth the investment. I just have to find time to spend a day in NY, and that's not easy, either. Not to mention either driving up there or trying to carry what I need on either the train or bus. ACK! Oh, well, we'll see, but it's going to HAVE to be NY.

We really worked on 'strippping,' as she calls it-- distilling it down to the very basics. It was EXCELLENT, and 'grueling,' but very definitely worth it. I really DO understand now why I haven't booked a whole lot of film/tv auditions I've gone on. Now, I have to work on the 'vulnerability.' Tomorrow's scenes are tailor-made for that, so hopefully I can really nail them! We discussed what types we were, and she was very clear and straightforward, even blunt about what was good and what didn't work, so it was VERY valuable. I'm hoping tomorrow will be just as good.

Then I went out with T's class for dinner. I only went really because of the special guest who was there-- and it was great to meet him! :) However, $25 for paella that had shrimp and mussels in it (which I didn't/couldn't eat), a salad that had mussels in it (which again, I couldn't/didn't eat--although the waitress brought me a separate side salad with no seafood, which was very nice of her, and the salad was ok), and some chicken thing which I don't THINK had seafood in it-- we'll know for sure in the next few hours!-- just was NOT worth it. Oh, well, the company was great and that's all that really matters!

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