Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last Day of September

I can't believe today is the last day of September!! The holidays are right around the corner!!! Of course, they've had Halloween candy out since the middle of AUGUST!!!!! WHY? I guess they figure people will buy it and eat it (or else it will go bad-- it's NOT going to be good after six weeks!), and they'll have to buy more. I'm starting to look forward to Halloween now that it's October, but I passed a house TWO WEEKS AGO that was already fully decorated outside, including blocking the entrance with those spiderweb things-- for SIX WEEKS they're not going to use the front door?! 'Cause there was no way to get through them up the porch steps.

This weekend has been pretty lazy, I guess. Didn't go anywhere yesterday, and today just ran a few errands, including going to the grocery. We've been looking around for a new place for P.-- but, we didn't really find any to look at this weekend.

Trying to get the house straightened up so that I can do some in depth organizing and cleaning.... making some headway, but... seems like it'll never be done!!!

Well, not much yesterday except to go for the SECOND time, to get a Glucose Tolerance Test... went to this particular lab because they are the only one open on Saturdays. And was told, for the SECOND time that they couldn't do it because the doctor wasn't in and they didn't know WHICH one she wanted. They could have told me that the FIRST time I was there and they told me they wouldn't do it, last week. Then I could have taken care of it. They were rude, AGAIN. I'd never been to this lab before, and I am NOT going back. When I asked what I was supposed to do now, she said, "You can come back on Monday." This was after waiting for 1/2 hour AFTER my appt. time (when I was there 15 minutes early). So, I wasted yet ANOTHER hour and a half. ::SIGH::

When I informed her that I could NOT come on a weekday, her response was, "Well, I'm sorry you work 12 hour shifts every day." I was SO upset, I didn't say anything (I was afraid once I got started, I would say something I would regret), but I wanted to ask her how, exactly, I was supposed to be at the lab (1/2 hour away from where I live) even at 6 am, for a TWO HOUR TEST (and that's presuming I don't have to wait a half hour again before even being checked in) and be an hour and a half BACK the other direction by 8 am. OR, how I'm supposed to leave work at 4:30-- or even 4, which would be the earliest I could leave-- and drive at least an hour and a half (probably more in rush hour traffic), for a two-hour test when they close at 6pm?

I FINALLY found another one (which is further away, but is the only other one open on Saturday), and I'm going to make an appt. with them. I will NOT go back to that place again. They were rude to everyone else there, too. It seems their goal is to make everyone feel as stupid as possible. During that 1/2 hour I waited, I was APPALLED at the way they treated the people who came in or were waiting. I am going to inform the doctor's office when I call just how rude they are (and they made some pretty disparaging remarks about HER, too)-- and suggest they not send people there anymore. If it weren't for the fact that EVERYONE (and I DO mean everyone) except my sister on BOTH sides of the family is/was diabetic, I wouldn't bother going through this-- I'd just say FORGET it.

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