Saturday, September 29, 2007


Went to a sukkot dinner last night with P. We had a wonderful time! The food was great (potluck), and then a service in the social hall, where we each got a chance to touch the Torah. Really nice!!!!

Also trying to decide if I should get a new car... need to get off my bum and get out and look at them. I know what I want (a Honda), but just not sure if I should spend the money right now.... well, we'll see.

Did finally get the money sent for the workshop, and there's another one I want to go to, as well.... there go three weekends before Thanksgiving!!!!! ACK! But, I think they'll be worth it. Terry is an amazing teacher.

We have suddenly been 'given' the Sunday papers, apparently. The last two weeks, they've been placed on our yard on Sundays.... last week, it ended up all over the yard, because whoever it belongs to didn't pick it up. So I had to clean it up. This week, there's another one. So I took it in and hey, got the coupons for free, at least. But, it's annoying, 'cause I don't want it, didn't ask for it, etc., and it made a HUGE mess in the yard!!!!

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