Monday, September 24, 2007

Home Woes!!

WHY does it seem that no-one who is in the business of home repairs actually wants to DO home repairs?! ::SIGH:: Need to get the roof fixed. Most won't even call you back, the one who did (well, actually, I called them AGAIN, and just happened to catch someone) was rude, and when they came out, they didn't say what needed to be repaired or what problems they found, just left a contract that said, "here's the cost." I don't even know if they INSPECTED it or not, or what they found, and they're not answering.

Have to try a couple more tomorrow-- NEEDS to be done by winter!!!

Meanwhile, Mom is getting her roof replaced, too-- she had three people out within a week, and one of them came on a SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so different down there! They have services and stores and restaurants out the wazoo! Meanwhile, we're supposed to be twice as big here, and you have to go 10 miles to get to anything (what there IS). :(

I AM pretty proud of myself, though-- I got a lot done around here yesterday!! Got four loads of laundry, the upstairs vacuumed, to the grocery and pharmacy, sheets changed, kitty litter boxes changed (BLECH! The ONE thing I HATE about having cats!!), trash out to the curb, and some meals fixed to be refrigerated/frozen for the week... not bad, I think! Gonna have to see if I can figure out how to upload pics of the furbabies someday soon!

Watched part of Ken Burns' "The War," last night, too-- caught parts of it walking in and out while doing stuff (and then fell asleep!), so I'm sure I missed a lot, but it was wonderful!!! I learned a LOT about the Pacific theatre I hadn't known, especially about Bataan and Midway... and, shall we say, MacArthur didn't exactly come off as a sterling leader! Who knew?! Some of the film was very hard to watch. :( But, of course, since it's supposed to be 14 hours, I don't think I'll get to watch most of it-- which is exactly why I NEVER started mini-series when they were big-- I knew I'd never get to see the rest of them!

Gotta get going and get out a headshot and resume for a workshop I'm (HOPEFULLY!) going to in a few weeks.... and get some stuff done for work! ACK! We are well and truly into the school year!! Hard to believe Fall is officially here (Especially when it's 90 degrees!!!).

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