Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lazy Sunday

There is so much I SHOULD be doing..... but right now Last Comic Standing is capturing my attention..... I just can't handle watching the news right now... it is so depressing, and everything I read and hear gets worse. I really hope JR wins... both of them (ALL of the last five) were really wonderful, but he makes me laugh like NO-ONE else has. Y'know, this is what I did during 9/11, while worrying about people who might have been there, and my kids.... turn to comedy of some sort... is that what they did during the Depression? I think so-- ANYTHING to try to forget things that you can't really do anything about. :(

I worry about Wolf and others who are over there fighting in Iraq.... we don't agree about ANYTHING, and he thinks there's a good reason for him to be there, but it just makes me so worried and so sad. I did find out about and am in the process of donating-- we need to ensure that as long as they're there, they have what they need to make them as safe and comfortable as they can be. That's about all I CAN do right now.


stepmomof2 said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog. I haven't ever watched Last Comic Standing but guess I should be as I could use a good laugh now and then. I noticed from your profile that you are an actor; what kind of jobs have you done? I'll definitely be checking your blog for updates :-)

Actorgirl said...

Thanks for the comments!! :) I usually fast forward through everything but the actual performances, 'cause I really enjoy standup, and I just want to see that part!

I have done mostly stage, but I have done several commercials, appeared in several television shows, and done several independent films. :) I'm hoping to win the lottery, so I can actually get to NY! LOL!