Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I haven't been around because last week was tech week. Which means that we were at rehearsal every night from Sunday on. Friday was our first performance, Saturday two performances and then Sunday night. Sunday morning I slept until 10 (I haven't done that in YEARS, if EVER!!!!! I was shocked when I woke up and looked at the clock). Boy, was it incredibly nice to do that!!!!

Friday night we went out after the show to a little pub around the corner from the theatre-- I KNEW better than to eat anything at that time of night, but I did-- it was really good, too-- steak strips that had been marinated. They could have been cooked a little bit more (I do NOT like blood in my meat!), but they tasted really good. My stomach didn't appreciate it the next morning, though! Then on Saturday, S. took us to an amazing deli between shows. We'll be going back next Saturday between shows, too!

And, we didn't get as much from the storm as they said we would-- in fact, all we got was a lot of rain and a LOT of (up to 60mph) wind! Fortunately, no loss of power, and we didn't have to cancel the show. The audiences have loved it and the reviews have been REALLY good, so I am pumped!!!!!!

Yesterday, the people I asked TWO MONTHS AGO to do my roof FINALLY, out of the blue, called me and said, "I want to come out and start your roof today!" Um, it's a little late. I didn't hear from you for two MONTHS. @@ Anyway, I'm more willing to wait a little longer (though I'm finding shingles on the ground that I am SURE are coming from my roof) for someone I trust rather than a company that doesn't even bother to call and confirm, and expects me just to wait for them with no information for two months.

Today, we took the kids to see "The Christmas Carol." One of the kindergartners had a seizure just before the show started. She is stable and will be ok, but we were all shook up, especially the kids. So, an interesting day!!! One more day and then I get some time to maybe get some Christmas shopping done! Performances this weekend and then leaving for home, so I have to make sure everything's packed and ready before I leave for the theatre on Sunday. I am SO ready for a break!!!!! I'm even (sort of) looking forward to the show being over-- it has been heaven to be able to just come home tonight and relax a little bit.

Strangest thing happened last Friday, though... didn't have time to come home, so I stopped at a fast food place to get something to eat on the way to the theatre. A guy I've never met comes up, asks what I'm reading, tells me his name and asks me if I want to go out sometime for dinner! He gave me his phone number and said to call him. I won't, because I have no idea who this guy is, but, it was flattering. :)

And, now, I am going to get another 7 hour night of sleep! YAY! I know I have to get the house cleaned up before I leave, because I HATE, hate, HATE to come home to a dirty house... but, tonight-- SLEEP! :)

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