Friday, December 7, 2007

The Rainbow Bridge

Oh, yesterday was NOT a great day! :( We DID get 2 hour delay, which meant I got to sleep an hour late, which was nice. And we had a staff lunch for Christmas, so that was nice, too. It was a great restaurant I'd never been to before. We ate out on the deck (glass windows, which are opened I guess in the summer) with a HUGE gas fire in the middle of the round table where we sat. The food was great!! They had the BEST cheesecake du leche (or something like that) which has caramel in it. OMG, it was GREAT!! And HUGE. We ALL took some home. It's going to make THREE desserts!

Then, we stood around talking for a long time, about nothing- about kids, about football, about whatever. When I finally got down to the parking garage to get to my car, I discovered some MORON parked so closely to my car that he was partially over the line into my space, and I literally could not open the car door enough to get in. I had to climb in from the passenger side. I wanted SO badly to leave a nasty note, but I didn't have any paper, darn it!!

Anyway, the kids were just totally out of control at rehearsal, and that didn't go so well. :( ::SIGH:: I think part of it was that they were just tired... but I was SO glad to get out of there! We're going to have an adults only cast party, that's for sure!!!! And I really DO think, like I said to them, that when it comes to crunch time, the kids will come through. I have been through it a lot with Christmas performances, etc... you think they're not paying attention and/or they're never going to do what needs to be done, but when people are watching them and they know it counts, they come through!

I was really tired-- this has been an extremely stressful week!-- and got a message from L. that her kitty B. had died. I was in tears. He was a sweetie. He was a tortoiseshell and BIG and just LOVED her. He WAS hers, and wouldn't be without her. Not even at the vet. They had to call her and tell her to come pick him up the last time she tried to leave him for tests... he was so upset that the bloodwork would have been useless anyway. He was 18 (I think almost 19), and was diabetic. He'd been on insulin for a while, and seemed to be doing well. He hadn't been feeling well the last few days, so she had taken him to the vet. The vet said he had an infection in his mouth and gave him some medicine. They thought that was the problem and why he hadn't been eating. She was supposed to take him back Thursday if he wasn't doing better. When she got home, he was laying on the bathroom floor, breathing really hard. She took him to give him some more medicine and was about to take him to the emergency vet when she noticed he wasn't breathing-- all within 5 minutes. I think and J. thinks that he was waiting for her to come home.

He's not in pain anymore, at least, and he's with her other baby who died a couple of years ago. We will miss him greatly. I used to take care of him and give him his insulin sometimes when she was out of town. He was a lovely, beautiful furbaby, and a very special one. She is taking it very hard, and I don't know how she's going to handle it. Godspeed, little boy!

P. and I were supposed to go to a Chanukah dinner tomorrow night, but I don't know-- might need to spend some time with her. We'll see how she feels tomorrow. I know the pain she is going through-- I still find myself calling for my Tia, even though she died over a year ago. :*(

So, I'm really down tonight and not feeling like going anywhere, especially since they've called for more bad weather. Think I'm going to try to sleep some, too. Things usually look better (somewhat) after a good sleep and when the sun comes up.

Tomorrow I have to go get my hair done and get ready-- Sunday I'm going to DC to have my headshots done. I'm going to get them done right this time. A great photogropher from NY who periodically comes down to do shoots here. Lucky-- otherwise, it would mean dragging everything I need on the train or the bus or driving in NYC, which I absolutely REFUSE to do. I'm TRYING to look forward to it-- it SHOULD be fun!

And I'm TRYING to feel in the Christmas mood- it's going to be very difficult doing a Christmas show if I'm not-- again, maybe after a good sleep (and after they get my roof started!!!!!), I'll start feeling a bit better.

Meanwhile, my cats are having a LOVELY time knocking the ornaments off the tree!!!!!!!! I haven't put them back on. I just couldn't have dealt with coming back and seeing them all over the floor again right now. But, we did put the non-breakable ornaments (the crocheted or made out of material) on the bottom, so no breakage. That's a good thing, at least!! S. has decided that they must be kitty toys, and I'm finding them upstairs, downstairs, everywhere-- she must be dragging/carrying them around with her, though I never see her do it (she's WAY too smart for that!).

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