Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chanukah Sameach!!!!

May everyone who celebrates have a lovely, brightly lit holiday!!! My friend and I went to her Temple's Chanukah celebration last night. It was a BLAST!!!!! There were SO many kids-- and I mean YOUNG kids there!! They had a little 'volleyball' area set up with some great little 'beach' balls for the kids to hit back and forth, they had a crafts table, and best of all, great food!!! Latkes and kugel! YUM!!!!!!!!!!! It was great. There was a wonderful DJ there, too. He played some GREAT music (60s and 70s for us 'old folks' I guess! LOL!) and he got the kids, especially, but some of us 'big kids,' too, involved in dancing. He taught them the macarena, they did the limbo, the Electric Slide and we did the YMCA. It was a great, fun time!! They lit the Chanukah candles, and P. and I left a little early-- the kids were still dancing!! Mazel tov to all who worked so hard to make that wonderful night happen for the kids.

Today I went to DC and had my headshots done again. The guy who did them is great. He is funny (just SILLY funny) and is able to really relax you. The woman who did make-up (who I think is his wife) is good, too. I got to see a lot of the shots and a cd to bring home to look at to decide which ones I want him to retouch and make masters of. It was most definitely worth it! I can't wait to get them repro'd and sent out! DEFINITELY much better, from what I saw, than either of the other two I have had do them. Expensive, but very reasonable when you're talking about a NY photographer... and actually cheaper than the first guy I had do them a few years ago.

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