Saturday, June 20, 2009


Spring is FINALLY over!!!!!!!

I will never, never, NEVER agree to stage manage a show again, not even for my best friend! A friend begged and pleaded and G. and I felt sorry for them and wanted to help, but neither of us knew what we were getting into. And, no matter WHAT, I won't agree to do it again. It takes up WAY too much time and energy for no payback. If I'm going to waste my time and be sleep-deprived, I'm going to do it ONSTAGE, thank you very much. Not backstage.

During the time we were doing this, I took another workshop with T... and although I loved my scene partner (she was great), I was disheartened when I found out he gave us Chekov... CHEKOV! Let me just say, I am NOT a fan of ANY Russian writers. Just not. IMO, they are too wordy, I don't care for the awkwardness of the language (at least in translation) and they are always SO depressing. I should have known, though.... T. and J. liked it a lot the first time, spent some time talking with us about it, and with one or two sentences, gave me a whole new perspective not just on the scene, but the whole play.

I also took a workshop with an agent from NYC. Got a standing ovation for the one monologue we did, and she felt I had a breakthrough... I really think I got what I need to get the 'rest of the way' to the changes I need to make for film/tv. It was GREAT to actually get to work with a partner-- that really made a BIG difference. She said I needed to get up there, get started with T.'s studio (which I'm going to do, because I'm not going to do anything else down here that TM is in charge of), and get some exposure. The agents need to see your work, they prefer work on stage, and you've got to be there for them to do that. That is the next step. The problem is finding a job right now.... it is not easy.

I am really glad that the school year is over, though!! This one seemed to go by SO fast, and I felt 'behind' from the very beginning, and like I was playing catchup all year long. Now, after a hellacious Friday getting things ready and set up, summer school starts on Monday. I actually don't mind it, except for the heat!!!! It will go by more quickly than I can imagine, too, I'm sure, and it'll be time to go back for the new school year.

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