Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pinter.... why does it have to be Pinter?

We went to see a friend of G.s in a Pinter show last night. He was EXCELLENT. His two co-stars were not up to his level, but the one who played his wife wasn't bad. I am, however, NOT a Pinter fan. Ever. Especially after the last Pinter show I stagemanaged. So, although I was happy to go and to see M. in the show, I dreaded sitting through Pinter.

I have to say that the best thing about it is that it was SHORT. And I do mean SHORT. Each act was only about 40 minutes.... so we were out of there by 9:30. Then G. and I went looking for someplace to have dessert and discovered -- yet AGAIN, that there is noplace to go around there, especially on a Saturday night. It's all bars. UGH. The one place we might have gone (which is where we had dinner before the show) was charging a cover because they were showing a fight in the bar... ::SIGH:: We found a little place where we got something to drink and talked..... 'til almost 12 (almost 1 with the clock changes).

Things are happening quickly.... by June, he'll probably be in NYC.... and I am hoping I'll be there soon..... this is such a bad time to be making such a move, but both of us know we have to, and he was told that housing prices are actually down right now, and will probably be going back up. He's got both a job offer and an agent interested and waiting for him to get up there. He just has to find a place to live (which is NOT easy!!!).

I can't leave until at least the school year is over and I need to find a job. We both HATE it here, though, and whether we are acting or not, both of us would be much happier there. Finding a job right now is not easy, though. I keep telling myself that things work out as they are meant to... they always have and they will this time. It's just a matter of timing.

I asked D. about places to live up there.... going to go up some weekend and she's going to show us around and she does know the places to avoid!!!!!! I really didn't want to come home when we went to see Pal Joey... it would be a dream to be living there. Working at T.s studio and auditioning, hopefully booking jobs. Never know until you get there, because no-one will even LOOK at you unless you live there and they can come see your work.

We're both getting our places ready, getting rid of stuff... it just seems like you pay twice as much there for half as much space!!!!!!!

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