Sunday, March 1, 2009

Murder Mystery Night

Ever been to a murder mystery night? Neither had I. There was actually a group that I thought about joining a few years ago, but they were really too far away for me to do it on a regular basis. But, P.'s temple did this, and she really wanted us all to go. J1 didn't go, but J2 did... although J2 and L. got lost on the way there, so they didn't get there until the mystery was half over.... oh, well. The food was okay (although the desserts were great!!!).

It was a 'high school reunion." We got to meet a few of the classmates and one of their former teachers. It was kinda fun. The actors were fairly funny and had a good way of involving the crowd. It was fun, but after dessert, they did "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Now THAT was funny, and really good. They asked for different theatre styles, and a couple of us said Kabuki.... obviously, they had no clue what kabuki IS, but it was fun to watch anyway.... they also didn't know what 'peevishness' is (or how to spell it) when they asked for different emotions), but we thought they should do an evening of it. Y'know, a bit before dinner, a bit after dinner, a bit after dessert, y'know...... it would be a LOT of fun.

So, even though I have had a 'relapse' of the cold I had last week, and I didn't feel great, I'm still VERY glad I went.

Today, we are supposed to have MAJOR snow... first 'real' snow of the season, and frankly, I could do without it. UGH.

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