Saturday, June 20, 2009

Star Trek Film

I'm not a big Star Trek fan, especially TOS. just never felt like the writing or the acting, for the most part, were very engaging. I like Next Gen and DS9, but have never been a Voyager fan, and just didn't bother to even go see the last three or so movies.

I was talked into going to see this one, though, and I'm SO glad I did! It was absolutely fantastic! I loved all the little tributes they made to TOS, and the respect they showed for it and for the fans (since I know several people who are really strong, longtime fans of TOS). I liked learning about the backstory, although I really would have liked to have seen more of Kirk's mother-- what happened to her? She just kind of disappeared.

The acting was incredible, the sets and special effects were wonderful and the writing was excellent!!!!!

Has anybody out there seen it? What did you think? Good or bad! LOL! Any other big summer films you want to see or have seen and recommend?

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